Tuesday, 29 September

Life at ‘zero’: 500 meters to the enemy

From today it is possible to watch the screening of heroic protection of Donetsk airport on the large screens of the country: premiere of ‘Cyborgs’. First Opinion proposes to watch our photo-story about Donetsk airport where there are no actors, but there are real heroes and painful reality.

The word ‘THERE’ has become different. ‘How are you there’ – it is about Donbas.
HERE is different’. It is bombed THERE’.
‘THERE…’ – so many ‘THERE’. It exists everywhere. It covers a big territory.  There are two regions. There are Donetsk and Luhansk.
Thre are Shchastia, Debaltsevo, Ilovaysk. There are Svitlodarska duha and promka. There are war and death.
Here are the thoughts about THERE.
THERE are no thoughts.
Just the skeletons of concrete anchorages watching in the sky.
Watch your step: the ground is covered with mines and wreckages, the trees are hurt with bullets, and lonely writings on the fence are shouting ‘People are still live there!’

   Death walks nearby. Its gunfire are heard and seen with bright fires and smoke at the skyline.

   Photo: Valeriy Puzik

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