Thursday, 20 February

Malanka at Bukovyna

What is Malanka? It is a tradition of celebration on the Saint Vasyl`s night with dress up and carols, which is passed on from generation to generation.

In the villages and towns at Bukovyna from evening 13 till evening 14 of January Malanka reigns. In Vashkivtsi (Vyzhnytsia region) which is 40 km from Chernivtsi, this event is called Pereberiia. While preparing for it, people make costumes and masks, transport for their characters. The main point, nobody should recognize you! Among the characters you can come across Did, Baba, Chort, Zhyd, Vedmid and others… Krasnoilsk at Storozhynets refion is famous for Ursu (bears), costumes which are made of straw. Gypsy leads Bear and makes it dance. Malanka goes from yard t yard, goes caroling, congratulates and calls for celebration. Each local tradition has its own unique peculiarities and in order to understand ‘What Malanka is?’ it is necessary to see this magic event for yourself.

Photo: Vasyl Salyga

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