‘The Seasons’ of Oleksii Petukhov – new sound of classical music

Recently, 20 February, in Odessa Philharmonic Theater ‘The Seasons’ by Petro Chaikovskyi sounded in jazz variant. Thanks to trio of Oleksii Petukhov the classical music was taken in a new way.

The work over 12 incredible plays in a modern jazz variant started some years ago. The first month which faced a new sound and understanding was April, and the most difficult for Oleksii Petukhov were July, August and November. It is interesting that the meeting with Odessa public was in the month which was one of the easiest one in a fabulous transformation. The sounds and music magic was possible because of co-working of Oleksii and Maksym Kondratiev (contrabass) and Andrii Honcharov (drum).

 Photo: Maryna Bandeliuk

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