In the seventh heaven

In the old days people settled near rivers, lakes and seas. So they always had an access to the one of the most essential for life resource of nature – water. Nowadays, when a city can be built in a dessert providing the residents with everything they need, the most priority resources, while choosing a place of living, are money and work. Or vice versa – work and money.

The activity of many people in Odessa and in region is connected with such phenomenon as ‘Seventh Kilometer Market’.  Since it has become an oasis in a steppe, it has been surrounded by new streets, warehouses and shopping malls. Finally it has become a self-contained point on a mental map of many Ukrainians.

     Now there is a building work of new apartment complexes around the market. First, some five-story apartment blocks were built. They looked strange in the scene of fields and plantations but in some years their amount rose and continues to increase. Another developer is going to build a new ‘anthill’ on a neighboring field.

     Such process is usually called suburbanization and it demonstrates a shift of economic and social interests from the city center to periphery. It is also connected with increase popularity of activity which doesn’t require a concrete workplace. More people prefer to work at home and choose cheaper but not less comfortable housing in new agglomeration, leaving overpriced and noisy center.

     Thus, we people, again build a monument of a victory over the nature of things by remaining with our own one.

     Photo: Sasha Naselenko

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