He gathers the entire stadiums, and almost every visitor of his concerts knows his lyrics by heart. Many make fun of him in social networks, but he receives the award of the most beautiful man of the year. His songs are heard in almost every karaoke bar, and the “Young wolf” can be heard in almost any taxi. The name of Oleh Vynnyk has already become a brand, and even his colleagues are jealous of his popularity. Opinion has found out what the target audience of the singer is, why is he the butt of constant jokes constantly joking about it, how does it play into the hands of Vynnyk, who is the singer out of the stage, whether it is appropriate to compare him with Stas Mykhailov and how the demand originated the proposal.

Who are they – the audience of Oleh Vynnyk?

Natalia Bodnar, psychologist told Opinion, that the typical listener of Oleh Vynnyk is a middle-aged woman, for whom the singer becomes a realization of a certain image of the prince charming. He is the one who knows and loves women, says what his audience wants to hear. In addition, according to Natalia Bodnar, his popularity can be explained by the widespread rotation of the artist’s songs on the radio, and by their accessibility.

“Reviewing the audience at the concerts of the singer, we can conclude that the listener of Oleh Vynnyk is a middle-aged woman who works in a government institution or in a small business. Oleh Vynnyk is a certain hero, a prototype of a prince charming: a high blonde who is courageous and romantic at the same time. He is a man, who knows and loves women, sings accessible songs, shows a woman as a personality and the best creation in the world. This is what the listener wants to hear. Every woman wants to be loved and understood, praised in songs.

Oleh Vynnyk is also famous as the rotation of his songs on the radio is very broad, namely, the radio accompanies the working day in almost every public institution. In addition, the tune of his songs is very understandable and catchy. Therefore, after the second or third listening, you can intuitively start singing along.

The texts are mostly simple, without deep message and with a clear rhyme and lilt. In his songs, the chorus can be repeated three or four, and even five times, even though the number of verses is not more than two. The structure of songs and melodies are very similar, as well as the structure of the text”, – the expert said.

Sociologist Andrii Valenok also proposes to correctly determine the target audience of the singer at first. According to the expert, the audience consists of ” mature women” and in the songs of Vynnyk there is a deep meaning hidden. An important role, according to the speaker, is played by the words that the artist speaks to his audience during the concert, since each listener believes that those compliments are exactly for her.

Let’s try to figure out, what is the psychological portrait of a Ukrainian woman. Usually this is a woman, whose husband does not pay enough attention to her, who is constantly wrapped up in work and household chores. Such women are trying to compensate the lack of care with the singer and his songs with a deep sense, which are well suited to living conditions. Check out several concerts by the artist and note all the words he says to the audience. Of course, every woman believes that they “flies” to her and are just for her, one and only. Simple epithets have the magic power of “knocking down” any Ukrainian woman. But this is just a small part of the things, with the help of which the singer ” cut to the heart ” of his audience, his charisma is not only deep sense lyrics, but also his physical form, voice and many other small details, that drive the weaker sex crazy, when their male beau-ideal appears on the stage”, – said in the comment on Opinion.

Pop music only?

Olexandr Yagolnyk, a well-known Ukrainian music journalist, poet, composer and ex-producer of Natalia Mogilevska, said that, analyzing the reasons for Oleh Vynnyk’s popularity, one should not forget about his experience in European musicals, since this greatly influenced the success of the singer.

“The phenomenon of Oleh Vynnyk’s popularity lies in the fact, that he has a good school of daily European musicals under his belt, where the actor plays, dances, sings and makes tricks at the same time. Considering the fact that we do not have such musicals in Ukraine, the symbiosis of all of his talents plus well planned material for his audience and his loving wife — is the key to his deserved success in Ukraine”, – said Olexandr Yagolnyk.

The butt of a joke or “the king of women from commuter belts”?

Ukrainian blogger Anastasiia Prykhodko is convinced, that numerous jokes about the singer are created not by fans and listeners, but by those who, thanks to Vynnyk, are eager to increase their own popularity and audience. According to the blogger, the artist became successful, as he was in the right place at the right time, while having at the same time the desired song.

“In the Internet there is an idea, that Oleh Vynnyk is a traffic. But this was done by the haters, who do not see any other way to “hype”. His target audience does not make memes and does not create jokes. As one great woman said, “he is the king of women from commuter belts”. That’s all his yearn target audience, for the man who found the exact words.

How did it happen? At one moment there emerged a need to quickly replace “Everything for you, seas and oceans”, at this very moment the finest hour of Vynnyk with his “my tender and darling, will hug and kiss” started.

Therefore, the deepest gratitude to the artist himself, to the management and to the “starving” women, who give Oleh Vynnyk an opportunity to work for three hours in a row for two days, in the city with a million-plus population. What is the secret? He was in the right moment, in the right place, with the right song “, – told Anastasiia Prykhodko.

Oleh Vynnyk: the phenomenon or the result of well-directed efforts?

Kostiantyn Halyuk, the business coach and personal development expert shared with Opinion the main aspects of developing a personal brand and commented on exactly how these rules were implemented in the chatacter of Oleh Vynnyk. According to the expert, the level of the singer’s professionalism is much higher, than the pop music: as if the star of world football has decided to play for the command of the lower division. The right PR and active use of all known symbolic gestures are also important ingredients.

“Any personal brand is based on the following key foundations: professionalism, representation, market development. And our hero objectively demonstrates: a) the presence b) development in each of the above-mentioned directions.

Professionalism – his real level as a singer, according to many experts, is much higher than pop. The field-specific education plus ambitions lead him to become a soloist of the Cherkasy folk choir at the age of 20. Then – work at the best operas of Europe, the most important roles in plays. And the reason for a fast return to Ukraine and the beginning of work in the genre of a popular song is not objectively known, but now it’s not about that. His level is as if Messi would suddenly decided: “Why not to play for a team with modest record of achievements?” And it remains without saying that, such a professional  can, if it is necessary, sing any of his songs a cappella, which will drive his fans, who are already in love with him, crazy .

Representation –a high-quality PR campaign is still in force, and  Vynnyk’s one is perfect. And then it’s not even about the number of bigboards. Let’s start with the appearance, which whet the perception amplitude: on the one hand, long, blonde, well-groomed hair, on the other – a five-day bristle, a white shirt with a tie and a leather jacket with rolled sleeves… Such a good / bad boy.

The use of widespread “symbolic” gestures: “OK” of  joint forefinger and thumb on the right hand, which in our case symbolizes the first letter of name Oleh, and “Peace” – a hippie sign of all times and peoples, symbolizing the peacefulness (no war ), or “Victory” in the older transcription with the right hand as a symbol of Vinnik’s surname. And in general it turns out: “Everything will be OK, my victory will be peaceful,” and all this is shown to us by a guy in a shirt with a tie, described above, for office-style lovers with a rocker jacket on top, a close man for those, who “remember the dashing 90s.” A clear 100% understanding of his target audience – women over 30, who still dream of a beautiful prince.

Market development – three in one: singer, composer, songwriter. Could such a person not be popular? Yes. If he was lazy. And our hero demonstrates tremendous efficiency, which attracts attention of both fans and haters.

And in the last thing. Haters. It seems to me that there is no comedy show left, that did not make a joke abot Oleh Vynnyk in their broadcasts. Someone may say, that he pays them for making jokes about him. As  “everything except obituary, is a PR”, or, as Henry Ford said, “Let them say whatever they want, if they pronounce your surname correct”,  – Kostiantyn Halyuk explained.

In real  life and on stage – is there a difference?

Alona Roenko, PR-manager of the Friends of Brands agency and former PR-manager of the Moon Records music company, told Opinion that the image of Oleh Vynnyk as a sincere and open-minded person with positive energy lives not only on the stage but also outside of it. According to Alona Roenko, the singer could be an alternative to those Russian artists, who are currently banned on the territory of Ukraine, and his songs – this is the music that most “please” our listener most of all.

“I would highlight several aspects: time, image, music and human qualities.

Time. The average Ukrainian listener, aged 35+, after the ban of Stas Mikhailov’s and Phillip Kirkorov’s tours, and the introduction of so-called quotas on the radio, frankly, were left with no music to listen. And I think the phenomenon of the incredible popularity of Oleh Vynnyk can be explained by this factors: he was in the right time in the right place. And he replaced many Russian artists, who now can’t perform on Ukrainian venues.

Music. Long time ago, I have noticed such a tendency, which probably formed historically, – our listener “likes” everything simple, unpretentious, roughly speaking, – simple and understandable, of the most important thing music for the people. By these means we can explaine the phenomena of not only Oleh Vynnyk, but also Iryna Fedyshyn, Olia Polyakova, Dzidzio and the popularity of the radio “Piatnytsa”. Beautiful romantic songs, a simple, unpretentious melody, clear and close to all of us songs of Vynnyk.

And, I also think, that he has a very interesting image: a perfect romantic man with the appearance of Hollywood actors, so mysterious and attractive. And what’s the most interesting is that you believe him. He is the same in life and on stage. Many of those who talked to him talk about pleasant energy, attractiveness, and his  genuine emotions, love for the audience and sincerity when he is on stage. And for the artist it is very important – to be real and open. The listener always feels it. And return the love, “– Alona Royenko told us.

How does the Vynnyk’s brand work: the singer of the capital or of the regions?

Veronica Lavska, a partner of the Lavska Story PR agency, explained Opinion, that there are several strategies that a newcomer artist can develop. Firstly  – is to be guided by tactics, to strive to get to the capital, to shine on the pages of fashion editions. Another option – strategic thinking, which is used by Oleh Vynnyk’s brand. According to the expert, now we can see the second wave of popularity of the singer, and he is gaining the affection of the audience through the organization of concert tours in regions. After all, it is that the audience from the regions, who will buy tickets for performances and raise ratings.

“Many aspiring artists are striving for Kiev, because here is the finest press and a desirable TV airtime  with Katia Osadcha, events on the red carpet from M1, Viva … Concerts managers, PR-managers … Everything that can contribute to the development of a career. If the main goal is popularity – frequent mentioning in the media, a photo in a gossip column – is the right way. In this case, actors are guided by  tactics, not a strategy. But this is a complicated and long way of development. After all, if you want the press to write about you for free, you have to be famous, and to become famous, you have to be in the top media. Catch-22.

That is why the artist differs from the producer. The artist chooses tactics, and the producer – strategy. Accordingly, the goal of the second is profit, since any project is created with a business orientation. And popularity is just a consequence, the surplus value. It is the strategy, used by the Oleh Vynnyk’s brand. Having a good background – remember 2006-2011 – the stars of the Ukrainian stage were Oleh Vynnyk, Taisiia Povalii, Pavlo Zibrov, Victor Pavlik

That is, the artist is having a second wave of popularity. And how to win the attention of the populace? Just as politicians do – go on tour to untempted listeners – to the regions. Having a folk album with melodic, dance music and clear texts that will resonate with a simple listener, the team of Oleh Vynnyk did not engage in PR, popularization in the headings about the show business. And it focused on sales, seles in the regions where he was known, was recognized by the audience, who listened to him during the first wave. Though all the artists try to get to Kiev and start career from here, it’s worth noting that the populace are not in Kiev, fans, who buy tickets to the concert and make sales, raise ratings and create demand. They are from the regions, or rather the whole territory of Ukraine. The main thing is the purpose”, – Veronika Lavska is convinced.

Dmytro Franchuk, a political analyst, also agreed  with the opinion about the second wave of popularity of the singer. According to him, once Oleh Vynnyk was on the same level with Pavlo Zibrov, but the well-timed understanding of the fact that the industry is changing and developing helped the author of “Young Wolf” to stay on the wave of popularity and rise again to its peak.

“He was along with Pavlo Zibrov and others, but at the right time he changed according to a dynamically developing industry, and pushed out many outdated, non-developing older singers. Of no less importance is the good team of PR managers, which promotes the artist in social media, and participation in various talk shows even increase Vynnyk’s popularity “, – political analyst explained Opinion.

Oleh Vynnyk – the Ukrainian analogue of Stas Mykhailov?

Commenting the phenomenon of popularity of the singer on  Opinion, the expert of the Center for Structural Political Science, Liliia Brudnytska told about the common things between Oleh Vynnyk and Stas Mykhailov, a Russian singer, who is often compared with our Ukrainian artist. According to the expert, both performers have much in common, starting with the style of songs and finishing with the target audience. Also, Brudnytska does not exclude the fact ,that in the near future we should expect numerous “clones” of Vynnyk, and some even can be found in small bars with live music.

“My opinion is very subjective, because about Oleh Vynnyk I heard only from advertising (on “Inter” TV channel before the New Year) and only now watched several of his performances. It seems to me, that Oleh Vynnyk is very similar to an extremely popular Russian singer, who was also called a phenomenon, – Stas Mykhailov. And according to the style of his songs(at least those I have listened to), Vynnyk and Mykhailov have a common target audience: people with lack of attention, of an open talk or who had to hide certain feelings, emotions, etc. for a long time.

Such an audience can be extremely wide, since the singer is presenting himself as the very sincere interlocutor, his vocal abilities and the quality of compositions are not very important for the target audience. Instead, in an “intimate talk” the most important things are a soft voice, a simple lullaby melody, simple words with a claim to psychology.

Like Stas Mykhailov, Oleh Vynnyk appeals mainly to women. Of course, the high-quality PR works on his popularity. The title of the handsome man is a component of this PR, and it is very good, because the target audience is female, and ladies want to listen to the voice of a beautiful prince. At his concerts there is no mention of the war, amount of charges and high prices: people relax. A lot of the things, by the way, Vynnyk borrowed from the gurus of the neo culture and successfully used them. I will not be surprised if he will abruptly change themes of his songs and start singing about spiritual values ​​or reinforce the emphasis on loyalty, faith etc. I also assume the appearance of many Vynnyk’s clones, especially at the regional and local levels. In order to be sure, it is enough to go to any cafe with live music: such singers, similar to Vynnyk have already started replacing the chansonnier. Consequently, the components of Vynnyk are simple: money, high-quality PR and psychologism + well-thought marketing. This is 100% commercial product. Although, given the title of the most handsome man, investors, perhaps, are worried – whether more beautiful and strong-voiced competitors will push him out in the near future? “– Liliia Brudnytska thinks out loud.

A singer born of demand, or a good PR-product?

Viktor Pashula, PR-director of the “Agency for the Dnipro Development”, explained Opinion, that to consider Vynnyk as an artist who simply took the Mykhailov’s place – a thing is quite obvious and trite. After all, no supply begets demand, but vice versa . According to PR-director, the popularity of the Ukrainian performer can be simply explained: Oleh Vynnyk is  a ” nice guy ” for an audience aged 40+ (which is the main one), he lets them feel like a femme fatale and that the whole concert is just for her, and his appearance is a certain ideal for many of them. In addition, it is not so difficult to touch the idol. However, the expert emphasizes: we should not forget that the promotion of any product involves the use of a large amount of money at the beginning. And jokes and memes that appear on the Internet, only play in favor of marketing experts.

“Of course, one can say that Oleh Vynnyk took in Ukraine the place of the” weapon of mass destruction of ladies of the Balzac age “of the northern neighbor Stas Mykhailov. This is quite obvious, as well as … trite. After all, if to go by the method “from the opposite”, the correct statement will be: the niche has found its “hero”. Demand, as you know, begets proposal. Those, who were girls just yesterday, who grew up with the songs of “Laskovyi Mai” for about thirteen years ago, who built romantic “mirages” in their heads , turning to the 40+ category made a step from the world of dreams to another reality. And the question is not even whether their own prince charming had already got a beer belly, how your munchkins with their awkward age screw their brains out, whether there is enough money in the family? Every woman is a person. And unfortunately, it is forgotten sometimes.

Raised on the ideals of a classic female novel, on the artistic magnification of romance, they crave … for sublimation. Bright emotion , capable of removing the internal stress of everyday life, of the daily grind. Recently, they gathered to have a glass or two of wine, to sing with karaoke or to dance in the 80’s disco (it is not appropriate do dance to the bits of handsome clone-boys).

Psychologists state, that during the times of depression, crisis of attention people return to the places, where they were comfortable and calm. They choose images or places, that are related to the past. Oleh Vynnyk’s songs are perfect for this. He is a symbol with the help of which women get nostalgic.

First of all, he is the” nice guy ” . He is also 40+.

Secondly, he gives you the feeling of being the exact femme fatal, who is so difficult to find and so easy to lose, for whom you can turn the mountains and write romantic lines. And after all – for whom to play a solo concert!

Thirdly, hypersexuality and behavior. Being 40+ (oh Gods!) – no cellulitis. The blonde with blue eyes, kneel at the feet of ladies. And the main thing – he is so tactile: loves “hugs” and “kisses”, regardless of the volume of the waist, makeup and pins on your neck and fingers.

And all this on the background of the of the voice range, popular among his targeted audience, of the lyric and dramatic tenor and incredible publicity. The last is a simple statement of the business component of the project called “Oleh Vynnyk”. In our commercialized time, it is simply impossible to launch a brand building, that would have missed an initial investment. Therefore, the fairy tale “originated from nowhere” is written by producers and PR specialists with knowledge of the matter. The raised hype is already a consequence. By the way, buzz marketing of men, who are simply jealous of the attention he gets, just play into his hands: the mems like “who is Oleh Vynnyk, why do not I know?” for the second year in a row benefit the marketing.

So, men “I’ll give 40+” instead of ” taking a piss of” over their tastes on a romantic hero with primitive lyrics, pay more attention to your women. We also like naughty girl, don’t we? “, – says a specialist.

Text: Dmytro Zhuravel

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