Wednesday, 25 November

‘Valley of plastic’. Early vegetables are grown in greenhouses in Zakarpattia

Hothouses up to the horizon as the eye can see. Agricultural work is in the process in the villages of river valley Borzhava in Zakarpattia.

Early vegetables are grown here, especially cabbage. The villages Zarichia and Siltse are the main suppliers of the first vegetables to the Ukrainian markets. The work starts here after Christmas holidays, and vegetables are sold at the beginning of May.

Now cabbage is planted into open land complaining about late spring.  In big heated hothouses which are called ‘anhary’ it ripens some weeks earlier.

Generally speaking, not less than three crops are harvested during a year: after cabbage it is time for sweet pepper, and then – eggplants, tomatoes and other vegetables. Despite the fact that farmers of Irshava use modern agricultural technologies, for example, Dutch seeds, fertilizer and cultivators, the most important is human work to which they are accustomed since childhood.   

Photo: Sergii Gudak

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