Wednesday, 23 September

Skansen ‘The old village’ flowered with ‘brundushka’ in the mountainous Kolochava

Crocus, or Crocus heuffelianus, in the words of people – serenka, maslianka or brundushka (brandushka). This is about a very tender flower which makes a fairytale in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains. It has become one of the main charms of the touristic Zakarpattia. The plant from the Red Book carpeted with purple flowers the yard of Skansen (open-air museum) in Kolochava known as ‘a village of ten museums’. There are several popular centers of this early spring flower in the Zakarpattia, but this one is the most exquisite because it is nicely combined with the atmosphere of an open-air museum ‘The old village’. This crocus population is called ‘Crocus valley of Kolochava’ and is admired and protected. And there are big fields covered with tender flowers near the village. Bees and bumblebees work on these fields to make natural carpets flourishing.

Photo: Sergii Gudak

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