Uzhhorod ‘drowns’ in the cherry blossoms

The fairytale with the Japanese taste on Zakarpattia – cherry blossom is continuing here.

Of course, pink trees flourish gradually, particularly as regional centre of Zakarpattia, the Ukrainian capital of cherry trees – Uzhhorod – has the trees of different age and sorts. But the most beautiful and the most popular among the residents of Uzhhorod and tourists are almost 100 years Japanese cherries that were planted in so called ‘Czech neighborhood’ in the city centre. And one morning Uzhhorod wakes up in pink foam – the festival has begun!

Grafted cherries were planted here in 1920s by botanists from Czecho-Slovakia, when Uzhhorod was a part of that country. While building the government quarter, the experts found out that the soil and climate would be appropriate for these trees. So Uzhhorod has become the cherry capital.

Tens of thousands of tourist come in spring in order to see ‘pink crazy’, the amount of these tree increases in the city, they grow and bloom in different areas, and the cities of Zakarpattia get the cherry charms for themselves. Cherry blossom continues for two weeks and this year a peak falls on 20s of April.

Photo: Sergii Gudak

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