Wednesday, 30 September

500 People on Two Wheels at the Big City Ride: Recovery of Mass Bicycle Races in Uzhhorod

Uzhhorod belongs to cyclists! At least in the evening, when the Big City Ride takes place, this is beyond any doubt.

In the regional center of Zakarpattia the tradition of massive evening races on two wheels has been renewed. The first such “marathon” gathered at least five hundred cyclists this season.

Participants of the holiday – without any limits of age or physical training, only with the requirements to take safety measures and to be polite on the road – rode 15 km of city squares, promenades and roads.

The purpose of the event is to have an active and fun time. And also to emphasize: a bicycle healthy, ecological and democratic transport is very suitable for Uzhhorod. That’s why the city needs a proper infrastructure: cycle tracks, comfortable and safe “crossings” through road obstacles, parking places for “iron horses”, and such holidays! The next Big City Ride has the ambition to have at least one thousand bicyclists.

Photo: Serhii Hudak

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