The Valley of Daffodils Blooms in Zakarpattia

This natural miracle was given to us … by a glacier. One day, during the avalanche and landslide, the wild daffodil bulbs (Narrow-leaved Narcissus Narcissus angustifolius) “landed” on the place which is now a reserve for this tender flower.

As a rule, this kind of a tender but enduring plant grows at altitudes of more than 1000 meters above sea level. The population in the Kiresha tract, near the Transcarpathian town Khust, is also unique because of its location and its extent: it is the largest habitat of the Narrow-leaved Narcissus in Central Europe. This place has been officially guarded since the reign of Austria-Hungary, and now belongs to the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, which preserves the Valley as a valuable ecosystem covering over 250 hectares of meadows and swamps.

For visitors, the Valley of Daffodils is a holiday that takes place every May. For Zakarpattia, it is one of the main tourist “baits”. While staying in a reserved place, you should remember that you are allowed to admire daffodils, which, of course, are listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine, only from the special observation points, and it is forbidden to pick flowers. In the end, this place is a valuable for its naturalness, tenderness, and transient beauty, which should be treated accordingly: as a generous gift of nature.

Photo: Serhii Hudak

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