Two unidentified persons have attacked Odesas “Avtomaidan“ leader Vitalii Ustimenko after he and his friends had left the building of state TV and radio company. Attackers had immediately kicked him in the head and stabbed his leg with something that looked like a knife after, victim said. Obviously, that was a try to damage his kidneys. More details – at Opinions Reactions.

Odesa region police official page stated that there are investigative groups working at the place of crime scene, trying to clarify the circumstances. Police has also confirmed that activist received a knife wound of his leg.

“Avtomaidan” official page had also posted an information about the accident. Ustimenko has his head broken up and his leg stabbed.

Another renowned activist Serhii Sternenko, who had been also attacked few days before this accident (one of attackers is dead) had also commented on the attack. Following his thoughts, looks like Ustimenko’s attackers wanted to kill him. He’s sure –if you’re a social activist who is confronting local powers, most likely they will try to kill you.

Natalia Usatenko, a journalist and Sternenko’s girlfriend have noticed that Odesa keeps surprising her. She also has asked a rhetoric question – how much more blood do we need for system to start protecting us?

At the NGO Centre UA official page have turned to police with a demand of objective and thorough investigation of this case. They also have noticed that was second attack on him in a last 6 months. Another demand was using al the needed methods to protect an activist.

Activist and volunteer Oleksandr Khadzhinov is sure Odesa is slowly going to a pit. Although Ustimenko and Sternenko are not that famous for Ukrainian Security service to step into the case, they were still protecting interests of Ukraine and its citizens, he thinks.

Serhii Mazur, The C14 coordinator is sure, that “activists were not bored lately”. And that is the price of wishing justice and changes.

Dmytro Bulakh, a Kharkiv region council deputy is sure – it is time to put special attention to Odesa. He also thinks it is time to make a decision about activists’ security.

Another social activist and lawyer Ihor Kravets had wrote that therewere a lot of attacks on social activists lately. He also thinks Odesa police was not effective at all – old system is resisting any changes.

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