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Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

Zorro, Olivia, Xena, Alessandro are not heroes of the Brazilian vibrant soap opera, but quite serious names of cyclones and anticyclones. Scientists have begun to name atmospheric powerful formations for the sake of convenience observation. They were once only dry and dull coordinates of atmospheric whirlwinds. In the beginning, American meteorologists wanted to give cyclones and anticyclones the names of numbers, then suggested letters of different alphabets and then even the names of animals. Taking into account my love for cats, I regret they didn’t decide to give just names. It’s a pity, though. Be it a cyclone Cat or anticyclone Panda, for example.

In German the names were started to be given in 1954, by the way, on the initiative of the student of the Berlin Institute of Meteorology, Free University of Carla Vega. Anticyclones were given male names, cyclones – female. As in cyclones the weather is usually bad, it caused complaints among women, so in 1998 it was decided to give male names for anticyclones and female for cyclones every even year. Every odd year vice versa.

It’s even allowed to order for money your name for a particular cyclone and anticyclone.

Latest dry period in Ukraine that resulted in a fire hazard, caused anticyclone Zorro.

Although later it has been replaced with several cyclones with atmospheric fronts. Showers with lightning, gale-force winds and hails resulted in serious damages in some Ukranian regions.

What’s next?

Over Central Europe settled the cyclone Iwona and its atmospheric fronts will soon reach the territory of Ukraine.

Photo: old.wetterzentrale.de

On June 15, there will be short-term rains, possible showers, hails and the increase of gale-force winds in the western regions of Ukraine, in the north, in the central part, including the Kharkiv region and the northern Odessa. There will be a dry sunny weather in most areas of the south and east. The temperature will be comfortable, + 22 + 27 degrees, but in the south and east, heat is expected to reach till + 28 + 34 degrees.

At weekend June 16-17, the temperature won’t change, it will be warm in the south and hot in the east. Rainfalls with thunderstorms are most likely in western Ukraine. Heavy rains, hailstones and storms are possible. Dry air masses will prevail on the rest of the territory, only on  Saturday in the north and in most central areas short-term storm rains will take place.

On Monday and Tuesday in Ukraine, the daily air temperature will be + 24 + 30 degrees. Rainy thunderstorms will be partially held in the western regions on Monday. Precipitation is likely in the Transcarpathian and in the Carpathian regions. Dry weather will predominate in Ukraine.

On June 20-21 atmospheric fronts will settle down in the western and east regions of Ukraine. They will cause thunderstorm rains, local hail and storms. A significant part of the central regions, east and south, will be in the zone of high atmospheric pressure, therefore significant precipitation is unlikely here. It will be mostly dry and hot.

Hot weather can increase a fire hazard, also avoid long sun exposure and the rules of behavior during a thunderstorm everyone knows, I hope. Therefore, it is very important to monitor not only the weather forecasts but also the current weather.

In the coming days, the weather is expected to be unstable in Kyiv, however with a comfortable air temperature within + 25 + 28 degrees and with a low probability of spontaneous dangerous meteorological phenomena.

On June 15-16 there will be some short-term rains with thunderstorms in Kyiv.

On June 17, 18 and 19, a zone of high atmospheric pressure, the sun, beautiful handfuls of clouds and dry weather will prevail in Kyiv.

On June 20-21 atmospheric fronts are likely to increase rains with lightning.

In the upcoming days, the maximum air temperature in Kiev will fluctuate from 24 to 28 degrees.

Summer weather is unstable and variable, as usual. After all, thunderstorms are the priority of magnificent season. Therefore, enjoy the summer, properly hide from a lightning, carefully follow fresh forecasts and synoptic situation.

And let Zorro, Hortensia, Iwona, Olivia, Pedro or Alejandro show even more clearly how wonderful, interesting and diverse meteorology can be.

Natalka Didenko

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