In Kherson, unknown attackers beat journalist and activist of “Honest” civic organization Serhiy Nikitenko. Nikitenko himself wrote about it on his own Facebook page. According to him incident should be exclusively connected with his professional activity. Details – in reactions from Opinion. 

Serhiy Nikitenko himself reported that there were two attackers who threw journalist down to the ground and started beating him. According to the post’s author, criminals were waiting exactly for him.

In a meantime, the journalist added a few more details. For instance, attackers that had beards were beating him in silence and then popped into a car with transit numbers. Nikitenko noted that he was saved only because he is always ready for such a development, so he managed to tuck on time.

However the most interesting is the latest addition by the journalist. He recognized his attackers from the photos… by which are tracked those, who committed an attack on the famous Odessa activist Vitaliy Ustimenko. Nikitenko claimed that he’s 90 % sure, that exactly those people attacked him. And if so, we’re dealing with something very serious.

MP and blogger Taras Buzak was outraged by the news on journalist’s beating. He turned to the head of the SBU, stating that this was not just beaten media representative, but a hint that nobody is afraid of them.

Lawyer Masi Nayyem called the beaten journalist one of the few people who still says truth in the city, where clans of “regionals” and ex-police are present. And they don’t like those who disagree with them. Nayyem also added that law enforcement won’t find the attackers, because there is a chance they will go for themselves. According to the lawyer, this is not the politics, but undeclared war on civic activists.

Well-known volunteer and blogger Roman Sinitsyn suggested betting on a few liters of expensive alcohol that nobody would find either attackers or organizers of the assault. Moreover, according to Sinitsyn, nobody will even search for them: anti-Ukrainian rematch is coming.

Executive Director of the Institute of Mass Media Oksana Romanyuk also repeated the posts of Nikitenko, emphasizing that the victim links the situation to his professional activities, in particular to his works on public finances.

Blogger Ivan Oberemko has called the situation a rematch that happened a long time ago and that is talked about every day.  According to Oberemko, journalists and activists become victims in assault cases, because the others silently let “ex-regionals” and former police to win.

Reactions were collected by Stepan Koza

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