Wedding of legend and storm of fortress

The events of 1692 come alive in Palanok Castle.

The wedding of legendary owner Ilona Zryni was remodeled in Palanok Castle of Mukacheve. Countess Widow of Ferents Rakotsi and mother of Ferents Rakotsi II, the national hero of Ukraine, withstood a siege of castle two times and the castle was never captured by enemies. When she was 39 she got married to Imre Tekeli, a leader of Kuruc rebels, and changed her fate and history.

In honor of legendary lady, outstanding woman of her time, the wedding was remodeled the second time in the castle: with music, dancing and knight tournament.

The next day after the ceremony, another page of history was revived – a storm of the fortress. The fight of ancient times was reconstructed,  XV century – the king of Hungary Matthias Corvinus raised an army of commoners at the beginning of the reign. At that time well-armed community got the name ‘The Black Army’. It was them who defended the court of Palanok from nobles who didn’t accept the authority of Matthias I. Everything happened like in the history – Palanok wasn’t captured by the enemy…

Photo: Serhii Gudak

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