The passing week has been really hot – just like in the pictures of Odesa modernists: a little blurred, but with an unconditional desire for freedom. For people, not indifferent to Sentsov, the last seven days seemed like hell… And for the politicians, who launched the presidential campaign it was like a resort, where there are so many people, who do not suspect anything. Opinion observes the key events of the last seven days through the prism of the pictures of the southern school.

Winter in Pryluky, Vacation. 1982. Yurii Kovalenko

Pliant, colorfully delicate painting of Yurii Kovalenko combines artistry with apparent rudeness. It’s just like on the March of Equality, which was held last Sunday. This year the slogan of many thousands marching people was chosen “Country of freedom. Be yourself”, focusing on different communities, in particular, LGBT+. On the other side of the police cordon, opponents of the march rallied, who made several attempts to cross the movement of the columns, but 5,000 policemen, assigned to protect the event, crowded the protesters off the road. As a result of clashes between right-wing radicals and police, more than fifty people were taken to the district department. A bright march, a brilliant defense. But the fly in the ointment was the fact that such protection was attracted only by the participation of US diplomats and European deputies. Other daredevils had to be evacuated by metro and buses.

And it is carrying me… 1996. Viktor Marynyuk

“Art is like a horizon: no matter how far you go to, there is always where to go next”, once said the artist Viktor Marynyuk. The situation in Ukrainian political life is alike: no matter how long you live – Tymoshenko will always run for the presidency. Only competitors that are ultimately heading the state are changing. “One cannot lose the election three times. Either she wins now or it will end. This, we might say, is “the Tymoshenko’s final chord”, one of the Ukrainian oligarchs describes the mood in Yuliya Volodymyrivna’s camp in the detailed material of the UP.

And it is difficult to disagree with him. Tymoshenko is in a situation, where she either would win the 2019 election, or she would hardly ever get such a chance.

Yuliya Volodymyrivna understands it very well too. Hence, here is her new tactics, which in a presidential camp are jokingly called “to embrace everyone”. Tymoshenko meets personally with everybody: from potential majority candidates, mayors of large cities and small towns to heads of districts or ministers.

Lake, 1976. Oleksandr Anufriev

“Art is the overcoming of one’s ego. The function of art is an attempt to answer the question: who we are, where we came from, where we are going to”, Oleksandr Anufriev liked to say. It seems that the whole political establishment of Ukraine was trying to answer these questions. The Anti-Corruption court can become a bone in the throat for unclean officials. Therefore, the law was adopted with a creak – only 265 deputies out of 450 voted for it. Poroshenko said that he aims to launch the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court by the end of this year. It will be interesting to follow the process because thanks to the new structure, the agents of NABU (like the angels from Anufriev’s picture) will be able to convict the President himself.

Steppe warrior, 1986. Yevhen Rachmanin

“Creative work is done unselfishly and this increases spiritually”, said the artist Rachmanin. However, our deputies have a different opinion, and all laws that are not useful for specific people’s choices are accepted with a creak. That’s for the National Security Law voted only 248 deputies. And it, as Parliament Speaker Andrii Parubiy says, is extremely important for combating Russian aggression, security sector reform, and is an essential step on Ukraine’s way to NATO. However, the words on paper are, of course, good, but it would be better if our losses at the front were reduced to zero.

Salute to Khrushchyk, 1971. Oleksandr Anufriev

Poroshenko has phoned Putin for the second time in a month and called for the release of Ukrainian prisoners, who are in Russian prisons and in the occupied territories. In addition, Poroshenko stressed the need for Russia to comply with the security of some of the Minsk agreements and stressed the importance of activating the work in the Norman format for coordinating the peacekeeping mission in Donbas. But it turned out, just like in the picture of Anufriev: our president was talking to the furniture. Of course, Putin has not released anyone.

Slobodka, 1984. Ihor Bozhko

After the conversation between the presidents of the two states, Putin’s favorites in Luhansk were furious: they sentenced Petro Poroshenko to life imprisonment. It is noted that the “Luhansk court” also decided to confiscate all property from the representatives of the Ukrainian authorities. Of course, this all happened in absentia. Stupid as logs in the pictures of Odesa resident Ihor Bozhko, who, by the way, said that the main thing is to awaken person’s kind attitude towards life. So, in the Administration of the President, they laughed at Luhansk and called the process  an “ordinary psychosis”.

Trinity, 1979. Lyudmyla Yastreb

However, it is not funny at all, when it comes to Kremlin’s prisoner, Oleg Sentsov. He has been starving for over 40 days. The film director has begun to have problems with the kidneys, and doctors state that the heart can stop at any time. The European Parliament called for the immediate release of Oleg, and the prisoner himself also jokes and warns not to follow his example. Lyudmyla Yastreb loved to say: “I reckon the artist in the spiritual elite”. In that respect, the strength of mind of Sentsov will suffice for all Ukrainians. But our nerve cells more unlikely to do so. Moreover, the Kremlin has completely withdrawn and even does not let our ombudswoman to Sentsov. As for the Sentsov’s salvation, we hope and pray only for the Holy Trinity.

Text: Kostyantyn Rul

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