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These notes are the dot line. Here it is customary to write in short. Perhaps I pay too much attention to the personality of your emperor. However, psychological and sometimes psychiatric factors are exceptionally important in the situation of one’s individual governance. I believe the amount of scientific literature devoted to the psychology of Hitler considerably exceeds the amount of literature devoted to any other German chancellor… So it goes.

Speaking of the chancellor. Once Merkel described Putin as “out of touch with reality”. It is a polite invective. Those who are familiar with the psychiatric slang immediately understand that Merkel tabbed Putin insane. In the clinical sense, Merkel is wrong. Putin has an amazing touch of reality that he personally creates and he aligns himself with this created reality. Those American psychiatrists who once described Putin as an autist with Asperger syndrome are also wrong.  The only element of autism Putin has if any is his principle of “I’ll do what I want”. Let us once again remember the aspiration to divinity typical for leaders and emperors. Didn’t people of Ancient Rome burn incense in front of the statue of the emperor with the formula: “Caesar is the Lord”?

Sometimes I think that among all attributes of divinity omnipresence and omnipotence are the most important for Putin. I don’t know another leader who would dive, hunt, fish, save cranes rising up to the clouds… Omnipotence in the language of politics means performing from a position of strength and demonstrating determination to use force. Yes, I mean nuclear weapon.  Perhaps Putin « essentially is not in madness, but mad in craft», and the image of a person who no one wants to deal with is exactly what he needs? I think the concept of « malignant narcissism » is the most expressive psychological term that can be applied to this person. He has not descended from apes. He’s descended from boa constrictors.

Please note that as I write my open letters, the public somehow loses interest in them. I feel that this correspondence will soon become completely intimate and even autistic, and I will be able to describe the most daring sexual fantasies without the risk that someone will read the text and publish it on a separatist site.

However, I’ll keep going on politics. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia declared itself the successor to the Empire. As if there existed justice in the Empire! Not at all. It was the country of injustice and lawlessness. Russia boldly took over this immoral load. The shelling of the Parliament in 1993 in the name of «the triumph of democracy» and the first Chechen war were the first fruits of this heritage. Oh! What about the split of Moldova? The first war in Georgia? What about the terrible Armenian pogroms in Baku and other cities of glorious Azerbaijan? And Karabakh? Once I wrote the article «The Point Massage». It was about pressing «the flashpoints» in the territory of the former USSR as the driving force behind politics of those years. A very smart journalist brought an article to the newspaper office. The article clarified my thesis rather than denied it and was entitled «The Point Massage Performed by the Moscow Hand». I was then considered to be a pro-Russian essayist. I still do not understand why.

By the way, this journalist now lives in Moscow whose hand he saw everywhere and he has fallen right into that hand.

So, Russia has inherited from the USSR such phenomena as imitating normal democratic political procedures, lack of alternatives for individuals and decisions, and touching unanimity.

I will get back to our correspondence at the end of the working day.

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