Knock-knock. Who’s there? A new “betrayal” is already at your doorstep. Oleksandr Zinchenko, a player of Ukrainian national team and UK’s “Manchester City”, decided to chill out in Russia.  These details of young player’s vacations revealed from his Instagram profile. Details on peculiarities of the Russian fishing in reactions from Opinion.

The post itself was published two days ago. On it Zinchenko boasts about his first catch everything would have been great but photo’s geolocation says Krasnodar Krai, Russia. Well, Alex, you had a nice fishing, but where are your pics from the World Cup?

There is no necessity to look through all the comments under Alex’s photo, because they are classic social media warfare. Couch experts from both countries are trying to figure out whose couch is the coziest. Another thing is my favorite form of Facebook art, “Shut up you (f***ing) moaners, fishing has no borders”. Out of politics. This is how we live.

However, if Mr. Zinchenko will somehow be able to get to Opinion’s office, I have a valuable advice for him: blogger Nikolay Voskalo, a good soul, said that somewhere near Moscow, you may get some good ones.  Alexander, isn’t it an excuse to continue your voyage? And then, all of a sudden, Alex in Ukrainian national team’s T-shirt. Looks like some kind of fairy-tale, not a real life.

For those who are already going to write: “Mr. Koza, what a hustle and bustle?”. I will just give a direct answer from the page of “UkrBall”. It’s simple, friends, someone may be surprised, but there’s still war caused by Russian aggression and Putin’s ambitions. So, Alex, even with such a ridiculous catch, also becomes part of the informational confrontation. What a war, come on, that’s only Zinchenko calmly fishing in Russia.

Yuriy Basenko, an editor of “Football 24”, could not help commenting on this story. In his opinion, a person wearing a blue and yellow T-shirt should understand that such a “chill” is a stab in hundreds of thousands of fans’ souls. Basenko also promised that in upcoming matches of Ukrainian national team he will be the first to hiss off every touch to the ball made by Zinchenko. What more can be said? Stepan Koza is delighted to be the second one on this list and to hiss with all his might.

And in the end, the ironic scheme of the interview, according to which the players get into the Ukrainian national team. It would be a good laugh if it weren’t so sad. Thank you Anton Hodza, and my greetings to Alex. I hope that fish tasted great.

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