Letters to Moscow. Fourth one


Today I came to my computer later than usual. For two days already, I have been preoccupied with sport events. Frankly speaking, they’ve become a matter of my great concern. I very well remember the winter Olympic Games in Russia. They took place on the peak of the wild anti-Ukrainian company. Immediately after the games finished, the war began.

Some analysts had predicted such development of the events, and I can understand why. Sport in totalitarian regimes has always been an expansion of power, sport and military parades have always walked hand-in-hand. Sport victory is a surrogate of a military victory. It is reasonable they did not fight in ancient Greece during the Olympics for Olympic Games are a war in some sense.

I don’t think you remember this song about a goal-keeper:

Hey, goal-keeper, buckle on your armour,
there you are on sentry-go!
Just imagine a frontier is behind you
And you have to keep the goal.

Sports hooray hooray hoorey! – be prepared to
beat your enemies when the time has come….

Forgive me, but when I hear in Russian «beat the enemies», I think about this war, about my country. About the threat coming from the North. Good song but….

This song demonstrates a Soviet and very militaristic attitude to sport. World sport events on the territory of a country indicate its international authority. In Russia, this authority is almost criminal.

I used to like football when I was young. Even up to this match, I have been watching the quarters. This year I will not turn my TV on. I somehow believe that football in particular potentiates violence among the fans. Why do I say, «I somehow believe”.The criminalized fans break the peace at every championship. Football fans were in the sad events in Odessa that took place four years ago. They became the target. They also showed one cannot attack ultras without consequences.

I am afraid Russia may activate its aggressive policy after the championship is over. On the wave of enthusiasm. The country that had the Olympics and the World football match is entitled to begin an arm assault. Because such country is in power. It is in authority. No matter what country plays football, Russia is the proprietress.

Let us consider these concerns neurotic.

Thinking about you,



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