Letters to Moscow. Fifth one

MyDearFriend! I haven’t written to you for a couple of days. I will improve, I promise. In one of the letters, I let myself compare the ideology of the present Russia with shish kebab on a skewer.  This skewer is “historical militarism”. In the sense that the experience of the war efforts is considered the most valuable all by itself – the grandfathers fought but what they fought for and why is not that important. Not that important since our great-grandfathers fought for the interests of the world capital during WWI and later on for five years more they were fighting one another. The goals of the fights were different while the battlefield experience was the same.

Not only great-grandfathers and great-great-grandfathers but distant ancestors and great-great-grandfathers’ fathers were fighting, too. Through the ages, the Kulikovo battlefield mingled with Borodinskoe battlefield…. The list of the enemies Russia fought against is huge.

In no small part, Russia fought against its own people and it prevailed.  You will say – all countries were at war! What about France? Spain? Once even peaceful Switzerland was fighting, but it lost and promised never again. Now the only place where you can see the armed Swiss is Vatican. They are wearing festive military uniforms designed by Michelangelo Buonarotti himself. Their weapons are battle-axes. They have no enemy. However, if one listens to your TV – Russia is surrounded by the enemies again!

All countries were at war but not all of them made war the pivot of their history. It reminds me of what I often say about Odessa – there had been bandits in all cities but only Odessa gave them the status of “cultural heroes” who developed the looks of the city. Not only grandfathers fought. Cuba, Middle East, Korea, Chechnya, Afghanistan…. Trotsky had an idea of a permanent revolution. The post-military USSR implemented that idea. The Soviet military machine performed the function of the revolutionary proletariat.

Now, my dear friend, your country is fighting war. Not only against us. In this very war Russia gained its main (and perhaps the only) great military trophy – the Crimea.

Those are physical wars. While mental wars never stopped! The cold war, for instance. It is on again after a short break. Instead of commodity exchanges, there are exchanges of sanctions. Moreover, the so-called great patriotic war never stopped either – on the screens, at poetry festivities, on the pages of novels.

Now – the Crimea.

We will never recognize the annexation. And I am afraid we will never get the peninsula back. That means our historical memory will always have the open wound.

Take the Kuril Islands. What are they on a nationwide scale? However, your country holds them on like grim death. You have no peaceful agreement with Japan yet. At least there is no war, true.

Whereas with our country there is an agreement. And there is a war.

Thinking about you and about your «victorious» country,


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