Faces of mountain assault brigade

Tactical drills of the 128th separate Mountain Assault brigade took place in conditions that were as close as possible to the real warfare. They took place at the Rivne combined-arms range with the involvement of armored vehicles and aviation.

This material was planned before the terrible tragedy that happened on the training ground. We wanted to show under which conditions the military is trained; to demonstrate to Ukrainians and the world, as our army lives, to witness the fighting spirit of the defenders and to pass on the positive atmosphere that really prevails there.

However, a horrible thing happened. As a result of explosion of the mortar “Molot”, in the morning of July 6, three were killed and nine were injured. Military exercises have stopped, the investigation is ongoing.

The weapon mentioned above has a bad reputation among the soldiers: in different years of Russian-Ukrainian war, there were terrible incidents when the mortars exploded, killing and injuring our own guys. For instance, it happened in Shyroky Lan, around Avdiivka and at the positions of Aidar battalion. Military and volunteers drew the attention of the higher command to the problem of mortal functionality. On July 6th, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief – President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko – banned the use of “Molot”…

While preparing a photo story today, we decided to focus on the faces of our mountaineers.  We wanted to show the world people, for whom the everyday life risking is not pathos but reality or even the routine.

Glory and honor to the defenders of Ukraine! We are proud of our troops!

We miss the deceased. We give our condolences to brigade, relatives and family, to all Ukrainians who’ve lost their brothers.

Pray for the wounded.

Photo by Sergii Gudak

Text by Alla Khayatova

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