Thursday, 24 September

The Mezhyhirya, or there and back again: what is the way of life of the former residence to “legitimate” ex-president

Once upon a time in one country far, far away lived a selfish and cruel king who loved to treat himself with beautiful portraits and golden pastry.  However, one day the tyrant was forced to flee and left the doors to his house open.  And then the palace of the tyrant passed to the peasants.

Yes, it’s all about Mezhyhirya. The one that everyone was so genuinely surprised of when our “legitimate” Viktor Yanukovych just fled to Rostov-on-Don, forgetting even his golden loaf of bread and an incredibly realistic canvas, drawn from himself. After a long time shock and complete misunderstanding of what to do, the situation became more or less settled. Appeared volunteers, who announced the former residence of Yanukovych as a national park. Now to get there, you don’t need to join any regional party. You just need to… Pay for the ticket.

Today on the territory of Mezhygirya there is a paid system of visiting. Discounts and free entrance are provided only for a small part of the population. Volunteers explain everything quite simply: You need funds to keep the whole zoo, canine center, take care of the houses, etc. And indeed, the residence that we got from ex-president is not just a pretty house that costs lots of money. It is an extremely large area, which requires careful observation, in order to preserve the same look that narcissism and pathos museum had when it fell into the hands of Ukrainians.

 Photo by Maryna Bandeliuk

Text by Dmytro Zhuravel


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