It can’t be too much of betrayal, isn’t it? The Ministry of Internal Affairs amended previously approved marks of distinction and rules of wearing the uniform of Ukrainian border guards. Everything could have been all right, if not one little image and its discussion. Surprisingly, it resembles similar images in insignias of so-called “DNR-LNR” militants. More on strange matches – in reactions from Opinion

Of course, it’s not some kind of Croatian guys that the whole web is talking about, however even the minimal similarity of something ours to symbolic of the militia is even a bigger trash. We should thank for his attention to Ukrainian journalist and broadcaster Vitaliy Haidukewych, who was… a little bit confused: where is the new beret sign of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGSU) and where the emblem of militants is. Well, the main thing is that ones who wear those berets with a new “design” not being confused as well.

Before this, Mr. Haidukewych has already described actions of the border guards’ leadership. How exactly? Bottom. What is that “bottom”? That action of the leadership, journalist directly and frankly named it the bottom, because it is impossible to insert into St. George symbols, even if call him Yuriy. Whom should we thank? To the chairman of the State Tax Administration Petro Tsyhykal. So thank you, Mr. Petro, with you our borders will remain pure and unbreakable. Eh, I’m making such a betrayal that it’s time to shame on me.

Roman Shevchenko, ex-assistant to the head of the State Border Guard Service, responded to an earlier post by Haidukewych. Well, at first, for sure I’ll need to copy and paste part of the journalist’s text, but the thought is more or less relevant: good work of artist that had pro-Ukrainian ideological content was replaced with some doodling… With general’s doodling.

As for the final post of Vitaliy Haidukewych , Mr. Shevchenko just added: impunity generates permissiveness, we have a war, and on the line is either victory of Ukraine or militants’.  The man says the truth or somebody wanted to split in my face.

Border guardian Oleh Medvedchuk, also visited the commentary section below the journalist’s post. I wonder how border guards themselves reacted to these changes. In a nutshell, Medvedchuk assured that he would not wear a beret with such a disgrace on his head. What kind of conclusion we have? According to Medvedchuk, it was ideological sabotage operation made by Russia, has its support because of SBGSU’s leaders narrow-mind. This is the way we live.

Soon after it, Medvedchuk also added that this provocation actually has a well-thought script, and at the same time it is ideological bomb, that’s like the Trojan horse. According to the border guard, the way out of this is simple: Tsyhykal should initiate the cancellation of his offer in the MIA. At the same time it’s even more interesting, it’s like I’m reading Harry Potter again: the head of the State Tax Administration tried to lobby this emblem in front of the president, however, he received a fair rejection. And what’s next? Haidukewych says that everything was settled down with Mr. Arsen Avakov. My greeting Mr. Arsen, is everything all right?

Andrzej Davydov, SMM-specialist of the military radio “Army FM”, expressed his point of view. According to him, border guards have adopted a beret insignia that in no way can affect their activities. And in fact, this is not the only case in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The first ones were police officers who “bailed” on ideological component. Is it all gone? No, at least Ukrainian Armed Forces are moving in the right direction. That’s why there is hope, my darlings, betrayal shall not pass.

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