Meteoblog of the county’s chief weather forecaster

July 12 the feast of Peter and Paul is celebrated. This holiday is especially warm for me. Firstly, I am happy for those Christians, who hold fast (not Facebook Christians, but real) and it is on July 12 that they can afford more. Secondly, on this day my already deceased grandma Olha was born, my best friend. And for me, the 12th of July has always been and is something warm, beautiful and cozy. Thirdly, I have friends with these names and even twin brothers, who were born just on July 12th and they were named, of course, after Peter and Paul. I congratulate them on that.

And most importantly, the feast of Peter and Paul is celebrated at the most beautiful time of the year. It’s in fact already Goverla of the summer, when everything blooms, smells, ripens, pleases the eye and the heart.

On July 12, Thursday, the weather in Ukraine is expected to be unstable and for all tastes. In the south and east, the heat will hold, + 30 + 35 degrees. In Kharkiv region, Poltava, Sumy region and Luhansk region, there will be stormy rains. In the western regions, humid weather will also prevail. In the north and in the most central areas rain is likely to occur, but there will also be enough sun. The temperature of the air will be + 24 + 30 degrees.

The end of the week in Ukraine will also be marked by the contrast of the air temperature, from +20 degrees in the west to +34 degrees in the east and south.

On July 13, 14 and 15, rains and thunderstorms are likely in most regions of Ukraine. However, precipitation will pass from west to east gradually, along with an atmospheric wet front. The southern part will be in the predominantly dry weather.

At the beginning of next week, from July 16, short-term thunderstorms arise chaotically in the west, north and central Ukraine. Moderate and even occasionally heavy rains are likely in the western regions. In the Kharkiv region and Luhansk region, there will be some rain with thunderstorms. The region will be dominated by dry air masses. In the south, dry weather with local separate daytime rains will prevail.

At the beginning of the week, the heat in the southern part and in the eastern regions will weaken, but already on Thursday the air temperature will rise again. In the rest of Ukraine, the thermal regime doesn’t undergo any special changes.

Метеоблог синоптика

Photo: www2.wetter3.deIn Kyiv, significant precipitation is unlikely on Peter and Paul, unless in the evening there will be a light rain.

On July 13 the rains will increase in the capital, sometimes there will be showers, thunder and the wind will grow stronger.

The initial situation will become calmer, significant precipitation is unlikely unless there is sometimes a slight rain. The air temperature will fluctuate within + 25 + 28 degrees.

An unstable nature of the weather will prevail in Kyiv next week, there will be local periodic rains, jumps of atmospheric pressure.

From Wednesday, July 18, the air temperature is expected to increase in the capital, during the day it will be + 27 + 29 degrees.

Summer gets to the top, and no matter how hard, brings delicious vegetables and fruits, the most beautiful flowers and fantastic smells for us.

There is still time before the peak. We must also stop and absorb this surrounding summer beauty.

Natalka Didenko

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