Tuesday, 29 September

Specialized anti-corruption prosecutor’s office (SAP) closed a resonant criminal proceeding against Oleksandr Avakov, the son of the Minister of Interior, and former Deputy Minister Sergei Chebotar, because of the absence of the evidence of guilt. The department explained that one of the suspects took the blame on himself. More on “Backpacks case” – in reactions from Opinion.

Well, let’s have some fun with betrayal. SAP says that Mr. Lytvyn, after winning the tender manufactured poor-quality backpacks and placed them under the fake documents shipped them to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Other suspects… had no connection to this and even hadn’t known about the fact of the poor quality backpacks’ shipment.  Moreover, the suspect is a big heart and is ready to compensate for the damage.

Moreover, it turns out that one of the key prosecution witnesses was unable to fully confirm his testimony. Well-well-well. What happened, he forgot all the words, or lie detector broke down? Well, I’ll believe, what else can be done there?

Well, so far, I can only please you with haters and those who are fond of betrayals with all their heart. Although who knows, maybe they’re right. I’m only the Goat, that’s it. Here, for example, journalist Natalie Sedletska stressed that the person who remained in this case usually plays the smallest role in such a business. In our case, it is the director of the company that supplied backpacks. Well, don’t offend a man, Ms. Natalie. Now he has to take the burden of three.

Volunteer, activist and blogger Nazar Prykhodko only dryly hinted that everything happened somehow “unexpectedly”. Mr. Nazar, for someone who claims to be one of the leaders of thoughts, at least in the web, you could have found more words, honestly.

And, it turns out that the best caricaturists of the web are working at the Anti-Corruption Center. Well, just have a look. I didn’t get it immediately that this is not a real photo. You know, sarcasm and all these kinda things.

Journalist Denys Bihus decided to analyze the entire statement of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor and to comment every single item separately. For example, on the destruction of evidence by a suspect’s lawyer. Bihus quite logically asks: This material evidence, for instance, camera, was it thrown into a blender or what? Okay then let the issue remains open. Intrigue, passion, scandals, or what is the right order?

Well, the apogee of this “explanatory note”, I will cite word by word from the screenshot because I know how you read them: “Taking into account that evidence that beyond no reasonable doubt would have destroyed the version of Lytvyn, has not been obtained; the opportunity for their acquisition run out …” Khm. What-what? Is it a computer game, where you have three lives and then that’s it: opportunities over? Eh.

The member of NABU’s Public Control Council, Artem Romanyukov, named the dismiss of the “backpack case” the first impudent “flash” of the case by the head of the SAP Mr. Kholodnytsky, as well as a signal that he allegedly carries out someone’s orders. Well, Mr. Artem, your statements are loud, but we need something more serious, the same thing on NABU and Kholodnytsky we have already read and write, thank you.

By the way, Mr. Nazar Kholodnytsky has already given a brief comment to our colleagues, who noted that the decision was made by the prosecutor, and situation and the reasons for such a decision are being studied. So what’s up there, still not betrayal? And what about numerous angry messages? Eh, this way you can be confused.

Well, in the end, as always, Facebook folklore that can summarize the best way any news. For now, we’re waiting for the next episodes, no series has ever had so simple ending. See you!

Reactions and backpacks were collected by Stepan the Goat

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