Wednesday, 30 September

Red carpet OIFF-2018: from Ada Rogovtseva to brother of Julia Roberts

This Friday, July 13, the 9th International Film Festival has started in Odessa. Journalists’ cameras were targeted on the main event of the opening ceremony – Red carpet. Traditionally, almost every media that decided to write about the festival, is going to evaluate outfits of the Ukrainian and foreign stars, compare them with the previous years. This year is not an exception too. Although the festival’s guests were asked to follow the dress code, it couldn’t stop those who wanted to stand out of the star-crowd.

In the spotlight appeared the star guests: actor, “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” nominee, as well as Julia Roberts’ brother Eric Roberts, French actor Denis Lavant, director of Gothenburg Film Festival Gunnar Bergdahl, actress Ada Rogovtseva, Japanese scriptwriter and director Naomi Kawase, actress Rimma Zyubina and producer Tamara Tatishvili.

Outfit of those who were eager to walk on the red carpet will be evaluated and criticized for a long time. Fashion bloggers will definitely make their own top of the best dresses and suits. What else can be done? Follow the diaries of the Odessa International Film Festival at Opinion and don’t miss the best movies of this summer. Enjoy the art!

Photo by Maryna Bandelyuk

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