Wednesday, 23 September

Since July 14, prices for public transport in Kyiv will double and become 8 UAH. This increase applies to trolleybuses, buses, and subway. However, the price increase of the last mean of transport causes the biggest discussion among the users. By the way, in the 2000th year, it was possible to take a subway only for half a hryvnia. More on the price increase of the country’s main subway – in reactions from Opinion.

Before being scared by the new prices and blaming someone for price rising, let’s turn to the web page of Kyiv metro station. They say the order was signed by the Kyiv city state administration. Okay, let’s follow the added link.

In fact, everything is not so scary. Passengers who use pay pass will be able to pay for one trip from 6.50 UAH in case of one-time purchase of 50 trips. Those who use the month pass will pay for one trip from 6.14 UAH. Moreover, the subway introduces new travel tickets that will be convenient for tourists and guests of the city. And for eight hryvnias, will ride those who buy a token or one-time ticket. Therefore, everything is not so bad, at least until the trains are working.

And a little bit more information we have on the subway page. In particular, all purchased month passes will remain valid until the end of July. You can even exchange blue tokens without additional payment. Therefore, lover, listen to advice and take care of your wallet in advance.

Adviser to the head of the subway Natalia Makogon reminds to top up the card before price rising. She says to turn on calculators, count your own savings and time. I don’t know if this is just a cool PR-step, but if you can save something, why not to do it?

Here we have blogger Oleksandr Baraboshko. He found out how you can blame the subway. The thing is that, according to him, all the time prices are raised and at the same time the subway doesn’t change. However, despite all this, there are some positive changes according to Baraboshko.

What do we have in the end? Prices can and must be raised, but you must give the promised comfort. It seems fair. “Metropolitan – Passengers” match’s score becomes 1:1.

Instead, blogger Anton Hodza does not seem to share heater’s thoughts, ironically pointing out that almost the same people are buying new iPhone for a bunch of dollars and weeping about the increase of public transportation. Mr. Anton, but the same people are paying back loans for that iPhone. Everything is interconnected, how can you do this?

About the rise of prices in the subway blogger wrote in early May. He said that it’s unfair since passengers in Uman or Chernivtsi will not have to pay for the subway at all. Well, you’ve understood the joke?

However, the reality is that the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko changed his mind and decided not to sign the decision on fare’s increase. Honestly, don’t tell it to anybody, this is such an inside that even Klitschko himself does not know about it! Such news was reported by journalist Olha Skorokhod. Sources are reliable: rumors from the subway.

And what do you think, nobody was blamed for it? Ha-ha. Dmytro Korneichuk, journalist, and historian, blamed for everything… the Maidan. To be honest, I do not know how people come to these kinds of thoughts, somehow it’s funny and sad at the same time because somebody gives likes to all of this. Do not be like Korneichuk.

What about some humor? Here is a small black joke that soon, everything will normalize because the dollar will rise up to 45. Oh, I would even laugh if it was funny.

Or this way. They say that jokes with pictures are much better liked than without it. They say, even such jokes.

Reactions and blue tokens were collected by Stepan the Goat

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