Thursday, 24 September

Letters to Moscow. Eighth one

My Dear Friend!

Now again you ask me why I renounced the idea of visiting Moscow where so many friends of mine live. Wouldn’t I enjoy sitting with them in a coffee shop, talk about poetry and politics (it is not forbidden, is it?

What can I say? You see, I feel somewhat uncomfortable even in Odessa cafés where I go very seldom.

In the terms of the WWII, I feel as «a featherbed soldier». I am staying in a backyard while my compatriots are staying in trenches under fire, while the injured are staying in hospitals and those who died in this hybrid war are lying in the land. Like we all here, I can’t but notice deterioration connected with the economic recession. Still, this is a normal life as compared to what people experience in the near-front zone.

It is true I am an old person and I am not subject to active duty, besides I have never held a machine gun (actually, only once when I was taking an oath to the country that fortunately does not exist anymore) but the heart and the conscience demand the opposite.

Now imagine I would be having fun on the territory of the aggressor. Well, I realize you do not see your country as the aggressor while I am definite it is.  Some day you will understand I was right.

I want to remind you – I invited you to visit us here but you refused. You said (am I right to remember?) that after May 2, 2014 you would not feel safe in Odessa. Four years passed. No violence has been in Odessa since. Lots of tourists from Russia are walking around the city. Does it irritate me? Yes, it does. However, I have to put up with the fact that our hybrid war tolerates it.  I think you just don’t want to come to Odessa. Montenegro is more attractive.

And one more. You were indignant they began to make announcements at the railway station in Ukrainian and English and not in Russian.  You asked me if I really wanted visitors from Russia to understand immediately they have arrived into a foreign country.

Yes – that’s exactly what I want.





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