Today passed exactly four years since the Malaysian Boeing 777 flight MH17 was shot down in eastern Ukraine. At the time of the catastrophe, 298 passengers were on the board. Their death turned the tragedy into one of the most brutal crimes of the present time. Russian authorities are still denying their guilt, but the facts that are gathered throughout this time indicate the opposite. How this terrible tragedy is recalled in the web – in reactions from Opinion. 

The President of Ukraine emphasized that MH17 plane was shot down by the Russian air defense missile complex BUK that belonged to Russian army and was delivered from Russian Federation. Therefore, Russia itself should be held accountable for this terrorist attack. Petro Poroshenko also promised that Ukraine will continue to provide all the necessary assistance for conducting a professional investigation and punishing the perpetrators of the tragedy.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman also spoke about the anniversary of the tragedy. He reminded that it was he who chaired the State Commission for Investigation of this catastrophe. According to Groisman, back then Ukraine, together with international experts, faced the most important task: to find remains of deceased and to return them to their families. Another task was to make the whole world know who is responsible for the death of these people. As this is not a coincidence or an accident, but a terrorist act committed by Russian militants.

Maxym Nefyodov, First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, stressed that Russian terrorism should be condemned and punished.

Serhiy Fil, deputy chairman of the Luhansk regional state administration, is convinced that terrorists, except waging a war on Ukraine also wage it on common sense and with humanity. The evidence gathered by the international investigation team confirms that MH17 was destroyed by Russian “BUK”. Therefore both the terrorists who shot the plane and their Kremlin curators should be punished.

The writer and journalist Svitlana Povalyaeva recalled a video, where fighters of so-called “DNR-LNR” were looting the corpses of dead Europeans. In the author’s opinion, it was this tragedy that forced the West not to talk about civil war in eastern Ukraine, but about a war that was started by Russia.

Journalist Serhiy Melnychuk told how he found out about the catastrophe and for a long time was not realizing its scale. Then, according to him, it was difficult to comprehend the entire depth of the tragedy, only later everything came together. After all of these, Russia hosted the FIFA World Cup and Trump met with Putin. Sentsov continues his hunger strike. Fourth Anniversary. The criminal is not punished.

On the unconnected at first glance things that are happening today, wrote the writer Oleksiy Dekan: on the anniversary of the tragedy world leaders continue to embrace the killer – Vladimir Putin.

Here we have Vitaliy Deineha, a volunteer, and founder of the project “Come Back Alive”. He proposed to show the photo of one of the victims who flew by malicious MH17 flight. Show it to everybody who voted for Trump, wants to be friends with Russia and those who jubilate the meeting of the US president with the Russian dictator.

About Putin’s meeting, also wrote journalist Roman Burko. According to him, not even one guilty Russian officer is behind the bars. Instead, Trump makes compliments to Putin. The world is once again at the edge of the abyss and it’s saved only by Ukraine, according to the author of the post.

And finally, a small sequence was also noticed by Roman Burko.

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