The ministry accused rector of sabotaging the work of the commission that had to check him. So for now, Ministry of Healthcare prematurely terminated the contract of Valeriy Zaporozhan. It is also reported that the Ministry has repeatedly received complaints from MPs, civic activists, and NGOs about Zaporozhan’s unlawful acts and the critical situation at the Odessa National Medical University. Further information – in reactions from Opinion.

On the official web page of the Ministry of Healthcare, it is reported that the actions of Valery Zaporozhan, for instance, non-admission of the commission to the audit, attest to the open sabotage and make further commission’s work impossible. That is why from July 17, 2018, the contract with the former rector was canceled. Well, who knows, maybe it’s just the beginning of something grand and massive. Meanwhile, Mr. Zaporozhan has joined the club of former rectors of medical universities of Ukraine. At least Mrs. Amosova will not be so sad now.

And here is the order that became decisive in this conflict. By the way, this is not the first attempt to remove Mr. Zaporozhan from the office. The last time he managed to recover and return to his favorite chair. For now, the rector’s duties are assigned to Kostyantyn Aimedov, the Head of the Psychology Department of Odessa National Medical University. The implementation of this order will be monitored by Deputy Minister Oleksandr Linchevsky. Well, and media, I hope, won’t limit themselves to the short notes. You know, we’re some kind of the fourth state and all that stuff.

The family doctor and secretary of the public council under the Ministry of Healthcare, Eugene Honchar, said that “reformed” court and the election of a new rector by the university staffs, which all these years were ok with that, are waiting for us. Nevertheless, Honchar said that this is good news and added that the company of “repressed by the Ministry of Healthcare” just got larger. But don’t be afraid, repression bench, he says, is out of rubber, fight and you’ll win!

The civic activist Dmytro Rohovsky said that Mr. Aymedov, whose burden now is the management of an educational institution, is not just a head of the department but also a professor, a doctor of medical sciences, a psychiatrist, a narcologist and a forensic psychiatric expert. In short, from the screenshots, it looks as if it can’t get worse.

Why not? Because the ex-rector’s reputation is not so white. I would even say more: It’s not white at all. Here, for example, we have Serhiy Sternenko, civic activist and former head of the Odesa Right Sector branch. He called Mr. Zaporozhan “multimillionaire, “regional”, pro-Russian collaborator, the father of the corruption pyramid of the University,” and a few more such high titles. Maybe I’m pretty subjective, but it seems that this rector is broken, we need a new one.

Well-known blogger, writer, and journalist Zoya Kazandzhi named the day of the contract’s termination, the day that all conscious people dreamed about. The 24-year-old “Zaporozhan era”, the era of the rector of one of the most corrupt universities in Ukraine, has ended. Moreover, Ulana Suprun now has the opportunity to get an unquestionable respect from the author. However, before all these things, this hydra must be defeated, because now all the mechanisms and possibilities will be activated. Well, should we take some popcorn and watch an interesting and epic confrontation? Although, everything can end more trivially, Mr. Free-mason, oh, excuse me, Mr. ex-rector just will go home and watch some series. As they say, we’ll see.

But the blogger Serhiy Steblinenko demonstrated better critical thinking because recently Zaporozhan has resumed his post through the court. So this time, to get a conditional victory will be possible only if the former head of the university himself “will open his own kingstons.” At least some different thoughts, now it seems that climax is just ahead. Or is it just for me?

Civic activist Pavlo Polamarchuk informed us on what can we expect next in this story. By the way, there is an interesting way to use an apposition: “rector-corrupted-official”. Well, at least it’s not “corrupted-official-rector”. In that case, I would afraid of visiting his graduates of the last 25 years.

Will Suprun’s office still be able to put an end to this story, or Stepan the Goat will have to yet another reaction – we will keep an eye on it. However, the political expert Oleksandr Zolotonos noticed that Mr. Zaporozhan lived through the mass firing of corrupted officials, but could not repeat this trick with Ulana Suprun. Heh. Just wait, they’ll find what to bark on, this is the Facebook, you know.

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