Tuesday, 22 September

Very soon, on July 21, the final fight of the World Boxing Super Series between Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk and Russian Murat Gassiev is going to happen in Moscow. Recently, it was reported that the Ukrainian refused to have an open training in Moscow, but at the same time in the network discussions about the actual venue of the fight continues. Further information – in reactions from Opinion.

The fact that Oleksandr Usyk will fight with his rival in Moscow started being discussed in the network since late June. For example, volunteer Anna Vladykina recalled the words of Ukrainian boxer that he would never fight in Russia. Instead, we see the completely different picture. At the same time, the author of the post recalled Usyk’s words about “Slavs brothers”. Eventually, she named the boxer a clown who sold out his country. The only case in which Vladykina would have agreed to take her words back is if Usyk, instead of money, demands the release of Ukrainians that are behind the Russian bars. I can’t recall something, is sports still grabs the “out of politics” string, or it’s finally torn?

At the same time, journalist Yuriy Nesterenko criticized those who blame Usyk for the Moscow’s corruption and for violation of their own promise not to go to Russia. Here you have a balance of thoughts, so decide for yourself.

Oleksandr Usyk himself, in an interview for one of Ukrainian sports newspapers, noticed that for him there is no difference where will be the fight. He added that he expects support from Ukraine. According to the boxer, he and his team will go to Moscow in a good mood. Khm, Oleksandr, you have to choose your words correctly. You could have said neutral, or for example, decisive. And here we have – a good mood in Moscow.

By the way, colleagues from the TSN (Ukrainian news programme) published a boxer’s commentary, in which he expresses his doubts whether the fight is going to happen. However, he was greeted warmly, and the athlete himself is now ready for a battle and will demonstrate everything he is capable of.

Instead, the president of the National Professional Boxing League of Ukraine Mykhaylo Zavyalov told that from the very beginning he was against the Moscow-hosted fight and stressed that such a fight should take place on a neutral ground. As for Usyk, he’s not the one to blame, all the questions should be directed to the organizers. So let’s change the course of betrayal to the other people? Or we are boycotting? Or watching? I think I’m totally confused.

Obviously that the fight of Oleksandr Usyk is unlikely to trigger a reaction similar to the boycott of the World Cup in Russia. It was written by blogger Anton Hodza. This way he hinted that we failed to boycott of the World Cup. Ahem. As an option, you can blame Croats for everything. They were so actively discussed in the network for almost a week. Is there any other kind of boycott? Selective, superficial?

In order not to be unsubstantial, here is a small proof that Croats really took all the attention, including the place of the boxing match. As a publicist and activist Andrii Drozda note, the wise facebook doesn’t give you an answer to the question “to boycott or to wait for the result”.

On the part of the National Boxing Team, they only wished victory to Usyk in his fight against Murat Gassiev. Our boxer has a chance to become an undisputed cruiserweight champion of the world. Here I am sitting and writing all of this, and then I understand that the era of Klitschko brothers was not so long ago. We are getting old, my darlings.

Journalist Eugene Pastukhov, in general, believes that Oleksandr Usyk’s civic position can be treated differently, but no one should doubt his athletic courage. Well, actually, this is somewhere on the verge of saying that sports are out of politics, or not?

Well, and finally I’ll share with you some traditional Facebook folklore about Usyk’s refusal to hold an open training in Moscow on the eve of the final battle. The author, by the way, is sure that Oleksandr went there in vain.

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