Wednesday, 23 September

In Kharkiv, two local bloggers freely entered the territory where hundreds of tanks were located, some of them were new. From a video published by bloggers, it becomes clear that there was no security service on the territory. According to the guys, on the new tanks, there were even tags and seals; it means that the machinery wasn’t used. More on unexpected Kharkiv discoveries – in reactions from Opinion.

I would gladly share with you the video, where bloggers walk among the tanks, but, apparently, because of the strong emotions, guys didn’t choose decent words. Therefore, if someone is very eager to watch an unexpected tour, in our country Google still works without any restrictions. So let’s turn to official comments. On the web page of “Ukroboronprom” (Ukrainian Defense Industry), they noted that their companies don’t have any authorization to keep the upper mentioned property of the Ministry of Defense, and the issue is currently in the process of investigation. Well, everything seems to be clear and transparent: the property belongs to the Ministry of Defense; the guilty ones will be detected. But don’t relax, it’s just the beginning.

In its turn, Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported that the video was filmed on the territory of one of the Kharkiv’s enterprises, so it wasn’t on the territory of any Ukrainian Armed Forces units.  Yep. Well, it means that this is not a ministry’s equipment at all? “Ukroboronprom” has any relation to tanks as well? It means that some Kharkiv businessman drove a few hundred tanks to his backyard and forgot to bring somebody to guard them. Okay, now everything is clear.

What do people write about it on the web? Civic activist and industrial engineer Pavlo Lenets is convinced that if Russian saboteurs were in place of the Kharkov bloggers, Ukraine could have lost equipment for several million or even billions. I urgently call to the comments section experts on the assessment of military equipment; these words require some kind of confirmation.

Instead, volunteer Yury Mysyasin is sure that bloggers shouldn’t be judged, as they’ve done a great job. They first visited the place and actually saved the equipment. Well, let’s play some good and bad cop? Oh, I meant commentators. Because I feel that the guys will still get some. Of course, it won’t happen, if somebody risks and recognizes that he had left the military equipment without any supervision.

Here journalist Anatoly Yavorsky decided to recall one of the versions of recent explosions in the military warehouses. Back then they were talking about drone, with the help of which enemy blew up the machinery. Yep. Maybe there were no drones at all? Somebody simply entered, done his business, quietly took the train and went back through the border. Not that I’m a betrayal-lover, but now such a version also has the right to exist.

Volunteer and activist Yury Kasyanov even stressed that such behavior of responsible persons and such attitude to military equipment during the war is actually a betrayal. Important clarification: According to the post’s author mind, not the guys, who managed to get into the territory, must be punished, but those who couldn’t protect these tanks. Although who knows. Perhaps, some elderly guardian just had a day off.

Roman Donik, volunteer, and activist focused his attention on something different. For instance, about how “Ukroboronprom” tried to shift its responsibility for tanks to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Separately, Donik explained betrayal shouldn’t be attached to the army or Ministry of Defense: As long as military equipment not transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is actually Ukroboronprom’s property and area of concern. So, according to Donik, of course, there is betrayal, but the Ministry of Defence can’t be responsible for it. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

However, journalist Dmytro Gnap (who, I’ll remind you, probably is not a journalist, as he decided to go to politics), made parallels between Kharkiv bloggers and journalist Mykhailo Tkach. The second was brutally detained by SBU (Ukrainian security service) employees when he was filming investigation about their cars. However, despite the great public response, the military prosecutor’s office ignored the court’s decision to open proceedings against SBU officers.

And the other thing is the Kharkiv bloggers. Gnap says that they entered the territory of the local tank factory (hey, to whom does it belong, to the Ministry of Defense or “Ukroboronprom”?). During their visit they were not even caught by SBU, nobody did it. Saboteur paradise and one more illustration of our special services and military prosecutors’ priorities. This is the story we have; I feel that continuation it’s worth waiting because it is unlikely that everything will remain at the same level of short comments in the network.

Reactions were collected and tanks on “Tetris” were played by Stepan the Goat

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