Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

When you forecast the weather in early June, you feel like a first-grader, who has all the school-synoptic life ahead.

When we talked about the weather for Peter and Paul Feast in the middle of summer – you are used to getting comfortable and even rare circumstance don’t surprise you. For example, a report on tornadoes in Ukraine.

But when summer overcomes the top and the weather forecast, which captures the last week of July is around the corner, you are a high school student. And there are thoughts about the adult life, the upcoming autumn and prom dress.

However, you know that there are still some incredible days left. You are not a helpless, naive kid anymore but the days of adulthood and troubled life are not in their might yet. You know for sure that summer, even if the rain is pouring, thunders are clapping and squalls are rushing, is the beautiful time of the year.

July 19-20 in most regions of Ukraine the weather will be determined by the cyclone. It will stop and hang over Ukraine, therefore periodic rains, thunderstorms are expected. And in some areas, hail and squalls are possible. And even tornadoes near the shores of the seas.

By the way, on July 2 in Kyrylivka of Zaporizhzhya region and on July 16 near Berdyansk were tornadoes.

The air temperature will be distributed traditionally. Moderate heat is expected in the southern part and eastern Ukraine, during the day there will be + 25 + 31 degrees. In the western regions, the air will be fresh, +20 + 26 degrees. In the rest of Ukraine, the thermometer bars will fluctuate within + 23 + 27 degrees.

At the weekend, the probability of local rains will remain. On July 21, in the afternoon, no significant precipitation is expected. On Sunday, slight rains with alternating sunny weather will prevail in Ukraine.

The summer season is characterized by the short duration of precipitation and their heterogeneity. Therefore, while going for a picnic, do not forget umbrellas, sunglasses and trash bags.

The air temperature during Saturday-Sunday won’t change significantly.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


From the beginning of next week, the heatwave will be moving to Ukraine. During the day, the thermometer bars will rise to 26-32 degrees above zero, in the southern part and in the southeast up to 30-34 degrees. In the western regions, 24-28 degrees are expected.

There would be fewer rainfalls during Monday-Thursday. However, locally they can develop into moderate rains.

The wettest part of Ukraine will be the western one, where the probability of rains will be high. In some places, there will be short rains and thunderstorms in the central regions and in the north-eastern Ukraine – Kharkiv, Sumy, Poltava regions.

A significant part of the south, as well as Kyiv, Chernigiv, Luhansk and Donetsk regions – belong to the region of mostly dry weather.

In Kyiv, the second half of this week is supposed to be wet. In some places, rains, thunderstorms, with gale-force winds may increase. The precipitation will be short-lived. The air temperature in the capital will remain comfortable, + 24 + 28 degrees.

During the first half of the next week, from July 23 – 26, the precipitation decreases, the sun increases in the capital. The dry air mass is prevailing. The temperature of the air will start to rise. At night it will reach + 18 + 20 degrees, at daytime it will be + 28 + 30 degrees.

Summer is growing up, we are getting more tanned and eating luxury fruits and vegetables – to all tastes, another half of the summer is ahead. So let there be fewer reasons to be sad because we still have July and August. Alongside them, there are warm rains, and the sun, and thunderstorms, and white wonderful summer clouds.

Natalka Didenko

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