This day, July 20, marks two years since the death of the famous journalist Pavlo Sheremet. On that day, around 07:45 am the car, which Sheremet was driving, exploded. The investigation suggests that the murder was committed through professional activity, however, until now, neither the organizers nor the performers of the bombing have been detained. What is written on this occasion in the Web – in reactions from Opinion.

The spokesman for the Prosecutor General’s Office, Andriy Lysenko, said that, as of today, more than 20 different examinations have been conducted; some of them are still going on. According to investigators, dozens of people were interviewed, mobile communication broadcast was monitored, and tapes from the video surveillance cameras and materials that appeared in the media were studied. Today, according to Lysenko, four basic scenarios of the motives for the assassination of Pavlo Sheremet are being worked on: professional journalistic activity, personal hostile relations, destabilization of the situation in Ukraine, mistake of the object (because exploded car belonged to Olena Prytula).

Political expert Oleksiy Minakov instead claimed that the demand for the results of the Pavlo Sheremet’s assassination investigation that today is actively expressed by civic activists and politicians is not a speculation, but rather an adequate and healthy wish to feel safe. The expert assumes that still; there is no unambiguous version, which can be accurately proved by facts. And he doesn’t even speak about the professionalism, it happens, especially since on investigation representatives of the FBI work, they, according to Minakov, are difficult to name amateurs. Unfortunately, today as the year before, there is no reason to be satisfied with the investigation.

Attorney Masi Nayyem in his turn told how Sheremet’s memory was honored today. According to him, US ambassador came to the place of death, but there were no representatives of Ukrainian authorities. The lawyer is sure: You can see the indicator of the effectiveness of the law-enforcements’ work, precisely in this silence of the Attorney General Yuriy Lutsenko and the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

MP Viktoriya Voytsitska also told about those who came to commemorate a terrible tragedy. She also assured that there were no representatives of authorities or law enforcement agencies who, in her opinion, deliberately sabotage the investigation. That’s what we have; MPs no longer consider themselves as representatives of the authorities.

Journalist Anastasia Stanko stressed that now we have to remember, we have to investigate and demand. At the same time, there is no question of security, as well as the fact that the authorities in our country, according to journalists, are ready to defend freedom of speech. Stanko emphasizes: during these two years, so much has happened with freedom of speech that Pavlo Sheremt, for sure, wouldn’t be silent.

Journalist Natalya Sedletska is convinced that authorities should move the issue of Pavlo Sheremet murder out of their public agenda. Everything points out that investigation of the journalist’s assassination has long been deadlocked. The journalist also admitted that during the conversation the law-enforcement officers off the record saying that they really don’t know where to move. Sedletska also said that journalistic community wouldn’t stop requesting authorities’ response to the question: who exactly killed their colleague?

Journalist Mykhailo Tkach, in his turn, expressed his certain irritation and misunderstanding of those people who at the press conferences call Pavlo Sheremet as their friend. However, they’ve never honored him at the place of murder. This also applies to those who say that they are allegedly in the same boat with journalists, however, they actually neglect the opportunity to attract any attention to the investigation of the tragedy with their presence.

In the context of the discussion of the Pavlo Sheremet’s assassination anniversary, the representatives of the notorious “Party of Regions” also revitalized… Here is an example of a letter by Mr. Mykola Azarov, one of the co-founders and ex-chair of the party, the First Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Ukraine in the governments of Viktor Yanukovych. In general, everything is according to the classical for “regionals” scheme: complete anarchy, the atmosphere of impunity and terror, Kyiv regime, junta, etc. In short, the sycophants of the “regions” don’t change, that’s why read it with caution and healthy skepticism.

Another ex-regional Eugene Muryev, who not so long ago named Oleg Sentsov a terrorist, also couldn’t leave without giving his two cents (or rubles?). This time, his post was about the unprofessionalism of journalists. Well, you’re definitely not the one to talk about professionalism, Mr. Muraev.

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