Saturday, 26 September

Volodymyr Moskal, city mayor of Skole, Lviv region, was recently detained when he was receiving a bribe. Everything would be alright, and even nobody would be surprised if it hadn’t happened the second time. And in addition to this, back in time, Moskal himself promised to set the gallows for corrupt officials. More on split personality – in reactions from Opinion.

General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko told about a new heroic deed made by Volodymyr Moskal. According to him, in March the mayor has already been sentenced to 6.5 years for a bribe, however, while appeal is postponed; he continues to rule the city. And then everything is like in a fairy tale. Lutsenko himself decided to play with readers: “In order not to lose his skills, this Moskal decided to take a new bribe of 68.7 thousand UAH.” But Moskal couldn’t even round the digits like a human being.

As it was noted by Larysa Sarhan, the press secretary of the Attorney General, Moskal is currently suspected. Now preventive measure for the perpetrator is choosing. Eh, the guy didn’t have time to set up the gallows. If he managed to do this, he could have become the first client. So what, a stupid example is also an example.

Military journalist and spokesman for the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andriy Lysenko also reminded us that Mr. Moskal committed his new crime at the stage of appealing the sentence. He demanded from a person to re-register a garage in his mother’s name. The sanction according to the incriminated article provides up to 10 years of imprisonment, a three-year deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions and confiscation of property. Well, you really wanted that garage, MR. Mayor?

However, MP and ex-spokesman of the “Right sector” Borislav Bereza told us that Mr. Moskal actually became well known in the web after the video of his lecture appeared in the network. There, he emphasized that “for four years has lasted performance, however, not by Ukrainian, but by Moskovian-Jewish authorities.  Khm, it seems that these very dishonest authorities made Moskal take new bribes. This is the thing that happens to normal people. By the way, Bereza is convinced that this is another proof that now there are attempts to instill the artificial Antisemitism that is based on the primitive desire of thieves to steal and distract us from their actions. Come on, you’ve made it so complicated.

Political consultant and analyst Ruslan Bortnik separately recalled that Moskal was going to donate about 30 thousand UAH to reconstruct the gallows. According to the expert, the bribe-Mayor is a vivid example of how the people who destroy the state, shout the most loudly about reform and put on the “patriot masks”, meanwhile destroying the economy and society. That’s how it’s done, my darlings.

Instead, a political adviser and ex-deputy Viktor Ukolov decided just to thank the unknown patriot and conscious entrepreneur who pressed charges and gave the bribe with marked bills instead of whining how everything is bad. Really well done, I wouldn’t give to some Moskal so much money like this. Pfff.

Blogger Anton Hodza with a clear annoyance noted that the new detention of Moskal is not scary. Ahead he has many years of litigations; maybe it will last like this till his pension. Till comfortable and sustainable pension. This is the system, this is how it works. Well, if you reflect on it a little bit, if third time’s a charm, then Mr. Moskal just wanted to follow the saying. To gain some charm, let’s say. Who knows?

And finally, we won’t omit almost traditional Facebook folk art. “He couldn’t live without bribes, and turned himself in burnout, he would look nice at gallows, I would have kicked his buttocks,” looks like a political obituary, isn’t it?

Reactions and money for the gallows were collected by Stepan the Goat

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