The best images of OIFF Red Carpet

Every year in July the International Film Festival is held in Odesa. And every year the Red Carpet of this festival becomes the object of endless jokes and witticisms. For several days in the country, all the problems and troubles dissolve in the air, people have no other important business than to laugh at OIFF guests, who, in their opinion, look like real monsters, and dressed like they escaped from the funny farm.

And one won’t say that there is no basis for the criticism. Indeed, some images from that famous Carpets cause at least great questions. Not to mention the fact that huge questions arise about who these people are, what they have to do with cinema and why they are on the Red Carpet. But these questions can be answered with the question as it’s usual for Odesa. Do we know many figures of Ukrainian cinema in person? At least actors, not to mention writers or costume designers? Do we know the jury members and foreign press representatives? In fact, if we see an unfamiliar face on the Red Carpet, it doesn’t mean that this person has nothing to do with cinema.

But the main thing is not even that. If you deliberately pull out, frankly speaking, unsuccessful images and generalize the whole event only by these worst examples, the reader gets the impression that the Red Carpets of the festival are full of strange women in ridiculous dresses, and good taste and elegance cannot be found there. If you repeat it every year, you can form a stiff confidence in the society that the Red Carpet of the OIFF is a symbol of bad taste, ignorance and vulgarity.

But the reality is different! And this year well-dressed women at the festival were far more numerous than those, who have deliciously discussed them on the net. Almost none saw their photos, but we traditionally like discussing other people’s shortcomings and flaws more than looking at worthy examples and trying to imitate them.

Therefore, for the sake of justice, we present the Top Ten (in our humble opinion) images of OIFF.

Anna Zavalska, singer

Кращі образи Червоних доріжок ОМКФ                                                                              Photo: Maryna Bandelyuk

A perfect example of a dress, impeccable in its exquisite simplicity. In fact, this simplicity – only apparent. Such a dress requires a huge skill of tailoring, careful processing and very high-quality fabric. Only under these conditions, it will look luxurious. But this is exactly the case. Elegant bâteau neckline, jewelry accuracy in the armhole landing, the folds of the skirt and the asymmetrical hem are precisely arranged like a playful cherry, which gives a little surprise to this purely classical dress. Gray-silvery clutch and shoes with moderate heels – these ideal neutral accessories would fit anything, as they perfectly match the deep dark blue color of the dress. Add a small but noticeable jewelry on the neck and a simple casual hairstyle – here we have a ready image, worthy of any Red Carpet.

Svitlana Katrenko, TV presenter

Кращі образи Червоних доріжок ОМКФ

Photo: channel “Ukraine”

Another example of a successful tailoring and a beautiful silhouette. A complex figured basque returns to fashion again which accentuates the waist and emphasizes the feminine features of the figure. Therefore, this dress looks not only elegant but also very relevant. Gentle blue color is incredibly suitable for light hair and light skin. Long earrings – a fashionable accessory, successfully supported by a hairdress. Usually, a whole team of professionals works on such images, and here they all have succeeded.

Olena Pavlova, the Director of the World Club of Odesa, member of the Organizing Committee of the Festival

Кращі образи Червоних доріжок ОМКФ

Photo: OIFF

The case, when a classic little black dress was extended to the floor. And it only got better! Nothing superfluous, nothing screaming, a simple laconic silhouette and a slightly overstated waistline, which delicately emphasize the benefits of the figure. A flattened shoulder adds to the ease of the image and the freedom to the body. Large, flashy decorations are placed on the hands and leave the dress to sing its own song, without distracting attention from it. Even if you want to find a flaw – there isn’t any! Absolute perfection – from the hairstyle to the hemline.

Olena Kravets, actress

Кращі образи Червоних доріжок ОМКФ

Photo: Maryna Bandelyuk

Olena dressed for the Red Carpet in full accordance with the modern fashion for the chaste outfit. The dress is restrained and full-covered as much as possible. The gentle pastel color still gives the image of that exquisite modesty, which amazes and pleases the eye much more than outright nudity. Light fabric, a wide skirt, fashionable design flounces – despite the apparent simplicity, this dress looks very relevant. And not trivial combination with a bright red handbag – the final touch, shows remarkable awareness in the fashion trends.

Yevhenia Illenko, the wife of the producer, the head of the State Agency of Ukraine for Cinema Pylyp Illenko

Кращі образи Червоних доріжок ОМКФ

Photo: Maryna Bandelyuk

This dress is an amazing combination of restraint and avant-garde, classicism and modernity. A light and absolutely transparent black dress with fluffy sleeves and bare shoulders embody several hot fashion trends. At the same time, the second part of the dress, dense, opaque and perfectly matched, doesn’t allow that first, fashionable part, to show anything superfluous. Together they make an incredibly refined, creative and memorable image. A perfect example of how you can look boldly and absolutely confident at the same time.

Antonina Noyabriova, film director

Кращі образи Червоних доріжок ОМКФ          Photo: OIFF

The hot red dress that Antonina chose for the closing ceremony of the OIFF could be a risky decision, this classic style doesn’t suit everyone. But here the dress and the woman happily found each other, the bodice of the dress sits perfectly and represents the figure in the most favorable light. Moderate fit, perfect length, modern hairstyle, topical jewelry. Everything is counted and calibrated. Although some believe that red is not the best color for such events, because in a red outfit you can merge with the Carpet and become “invisible”, this is not the case! Such a bright woman cannot “be eaten” neither by the dress nor by the Red Carpet.

Marysia Nikityuk, film director

Кращі образи Червоних доріжок ОМКФPhoto: OIFF

Complex, unexpected, not trivial, very creative dress. And why not? Who said that all the dresses on the Red Carpet should be exceptionally classic and predictable? So, black stockings with sandals. If anyone doesn’t know, this is a very topical fashion trend. And for this dress, these stockings are very appropriate, because firstly, the dress is avant-garde, and secondly – against the background of an asymmetrical black skirt they look like an organic part of the image. Large, long earrings – also in full accordance with fashion trends. Of course, not every woman will decide to try on this image and not everyone will do it. But the author’s cinema is not for everyone either.

Black dress-blazer

Кращі образи Червоних доріжок ОМКФ

Another unexpected and non-pedestrian image wittily combines the features of a classic male double-breasted jacket and spectacular evening dress. A deep neckline and a bold cut on the skirt are successfully balanced by long sleeves, a strict black color and a dense fabric. Two lines of traditional golden buttons, borrowed from men’s clothing and marine uniform, delicately emphasize the figure. One could argue that such a closed dress is appropriate for a southern city in the middle of summer, but minimalist, maximally open sandals counterbalance everything.

And finally

Кращі образи Червоних доріжок ОМКФPhoto: OIFF

Two more charming ladies, whose names, unfortunately, we have not yet been able to find out. If you know who they are, write in the comments. The fashionable asymmetrical shoulder line is successfully implemented in both these dresses. Underlined waist and light ruffles on a pastel dress. Wonderful drapery and delicate silhouette on a lilac dress. The translucent skirt of a lilac dress does not show anything superfluous. Good colors, noble fabrics, no extra decorations and inappropriate details. And even simple hairstyles don’t spoil images, rather vice versa.

In fact, there were much more beautifully dressed and interesting women on the Red Carpet than we managed to show in this review. Therefore, I would like to wish all of us to notice beauty more. Don’t only criticize the misery that is around but also praise the style and the beauty that we see.

Maya Tulchynska, fashion blogger

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