Letters to Moscow. Ninth one

My Dear Friend!

It is about time to speak about Nazism in Ukraine. You asked me to comment on it some time ago and I refused for how could I comment on what is not there.

Then what IS there, you said sarcastically?

Do we have the right parties in Ukraine? We definitely do. Svoboda, for instance. Do we have parties that emphasize the monoethnic structure of our country? Yes, we do.

What influence do those parties have in the political map of Ukraine? So far, they have very little influence.  Is there any danger these parties can come to power in the nearest decades? No, there isn’t.  Will the influence of these parties grow in the coming years? I am afraid, it will. However, I am not that much afraid of it.

One of the reasons for my optimism is that Ukraine is not homogeneous, that citizens of different regions have different political preferences, different cultural backgrounds and, importantly, different economic interests.

So far, our life is organized in such a way (it is not very good) that the most affluent people of the country have the most serious political influence. They can easily buy poor voters – they are in their pockets. The interests of such people are competitive. Therefore, no party can provide a totalitarian unity.

I am sorry but your elections have virtually no alternative. We have options.

Tell me please, did you have any doubt at all that Putin would win the elections by a wide margin?

Now try to make a reliable political forecast for the Ukrainian presidential elections… I have a reputation of a good political analyst but I hesitate to make any predictions yet.

Why am I saying that?

Nazism is not only the ideology and practice of a state terrorism. It is not only the ultra-nationalist slogans. No, it is the monotony, homogeneity, and unity of the nation. It is the passion of the nation, its desire to submit to a single impulse and the only leader. I do not mean Putin. Even this “God-like” hero has no charge that can prepare Russia for the victory of Nazism in the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, there, in your country, preconditions are harder than in Ukraine.

I can read this threat not in the eyes of Putin but rather in the eyes of his clique and his enthusiastic fans.

Our right wing people can truly march in columns along Kyiv or L’viv in torchlight processions celebrating Bandera’s birthday shouting, «Bandera crossing the border – will put everything in order». It happens once a year. We will survive.

I will continue my contemplations about us and about you.



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