The Russian Federation in the Sea of Azov has changed its behavior – began to detain foreign ships at an aisle in the Kerch Strait. Oleh Slobodyan, the assistant chairman of the State Border Guard Service, said this at a press conference today, the correspondent of Ukrinform reports.

“We are observing that the Russian Federation has changed the algorithm of its actions in the Sea of Azov … it detains foreign ships that go to Ukraine in the Kerch Strait, delaying the time for granting permits to pass precisely through the Kerch Strait. There is information that the time of delay of ships is sometimes up to 3 days “, said Oleg Slobodian, assistant to the head of the State Border Guard Service.
According to him, it influences the economic attractiveness of Ukraine. At the same time, Slobodian noted that under the international treaty the Azov Sea is a sea of domestic use for both Ukraine and the Russian Federation. It can be freely used by two parties, so formally the Russian Federation can inspect the vessels. But we “understand what is being done.”

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