Meteoblog of the county’s chief weather forecaster

Cyclones and anticyclones are given names. It was decided once for the convenience of sharing information about atmospheric changes. Now you can give your name to a cyclone or an anticyclone for some money.

A few weeks ago a cyclone came to Ukraine. It was named Halina on the German prognostic charts.

The cyclone brought long-awaited rains, not too expected thunderstorms and, sometimes, quite undesirable squalls with hail. However, Ukrainians, who are accustomed to the elderly age-old atmospheric processes, did not complain much about Halina it would rush through its trajectory and go on pouring with rain and thunderstorms.

However, the days passed by, then a week passed, the second, but the cyclone still stationed in Ukraine. It is clear that he liked it here. We like it here for thousands of years. But we know from theory, cyclones are usually born, run through, leave the boundaries and all this in one or two days.

This time it was not like that. No, nothing weird has happened, the cyclones are really growing older over the same territory for several weeks. But such a situation is not often there.

Ukraine, especially its western and northern parts, has already begun to resemble both Vietnam and the equatorial environment. Wet weather penetrated the very cracks, the rains turned the streets and sidewalks into rivers, the relative humidity of the air was from 60 to 100 percent, it was difficult to breathe with high air temperature and it seemed that soon you would see a hippopotamus or gorilla around, typical inhabitants of the equatorial climate.

Simultaneously with the longevity-cyclone, in the south and east, the heat of +32 degrees dominated and reigned. To cut it short, the current weather surprised and amazed. Let’s see what awaits us in the upcoming days.

Cyclone Halina, which witty Ukrainians have already named Baba Halya (“baba” – peasant woman, translator’s note), is going to stay in our region.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


On July 26 and 27 in the western and northern regions, as well as here and there in the central part, short-term rains and thunderstorms are still possible, precisely because of the activity of the elderly but still alive Baba Halya-cyclone.

In the south and east, significant precipitation is unlikely, hot weather with an air temperature of +27+33 degrees will prevail.

On July 28 and 29, the cyclone will be filling, atmospheric pressure will be increasing and the probability of rain will be decreasing substantially. The weather is aiming at the sun and heat.

It is at the end of the week that the high air temperature will start to cover all regions of Ukraine and during the Saturday-Sunday the thermometers will show +28+32 degrees. In the south and east, it is expected +30+35 degrees.

The first half of next week will be hot in most regions of Ukraine, it is assumed +28+34 degrees, significant rainfall is unlikely. Only light rain and thunderstorms are possible in the west and sometimes in the north. On August 1-2 in the northern regions of Ukraine, the heat is expected to weaken by 3-6 degrees.

The cyclone will still brush away the tearful farewell to Kyiv on July 26-17. In some places there will be separate rains with thunderstorms, the air temperature will be +25+27 degrees.

Initial humidity will begin to decrease, significant precipitation is unlikely, the air temperature will rise to +27+30 degrees.

Next week, starting from Monday, the dictate of the cyclone will end in Kyiv. A dry and hot weather with daytime air temperature +28+31 degrees will prevail in the capital. On August 1-2, the heat will drop to +25+27 degrees.

The cyclone tried to change our climate by imposing its meteorological conditions. However, it did not succeed. Cyclones come and go further, no matter how long it may take.

And summer, a beautiful Ukrainian summer, continues and will continue forever.

Natalka Didenko

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