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The outgoing week was uncompromising: no one hid from the downpour, as well as from the hype topic Usyk’s victory in Moscow. Anyway, over the past seven days, there have been events that are much more important than the treason/victory national game on the Internet. About really important events – in the weekly digest “a week in the prism” through the pictures of the Ukrainian contemporary art Diva Vlada Ralko.

Vlada Ralko is one of the strongest representatives of the Ukrainian “modern art”. Her works are in the collections of many Ukrainian and foreign collectors; without them, an art event in Ukraine is indispensable. This artist is known for her “strong” color and expressive manner of painting. Vlada subtly feels the present, therefore her pictures brightly illustrate the events.

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через картини Влади Ралко

For one day, 21 people died on the road – this is more than the deaths at the war in a few months. This time, only in two cases – 15 people in minibuses. In all collisions, the reason is the same – a significant excess of speed and the absence of any means of safety in buses. Civil servants, in accordance with a long-standing tradition, were very surprised by this state of affairs and promised to quickly improve the death statistics. The police found about 3 thousand technically defective buses and recorded more than 26,000 violations traffic of the rules for the carriage of passengers, allowed by bus drivers. Since the beginning of the year, 1,237 people have died in accidents, 12,800 people were injured. Do you still go on minibuses and do not use seat belts? God bless you!

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через картини Влади Ралко

Nazar Kholodnytsky could enter the history of Ukraine not just as the first anti-corruption prosecutor, but the prosecutor, who changed its course. However, Kholodnytsky chose the standard “path of prosecutors”, and just a month after his appointment, he was promoted to the rank of general by the proposal of former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, at 30. The icing on the cake was accusing him of “leaking” cases, warning the defendants about searches and even more – clear instruction of the defendants of criminal proceedings, leading by his own prosecutors – what and how to do to avoid punishment. This ignorance shocked even the experienced Prosecutor General Lutsenko and the head of the NABU Artem Sytnyk. They demanded from the disciplinary commission to dismiss the anti-corruption prosecutor, and in vain – Kholodnytsky was only reprimanded for the leaking of key cases. Ukrainian Pravda extensively wrote about the heroic deeds of the neo-general, and we only ask already sore: have we been jinxed with that corruption?

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через картини Влади Ралко

President Petro Poroshenko returned to the Verkhovna Rada the bill No. 5495 “On Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine on the Preservation of Ukrainian Forests and Prevention of Illegal Export of Unprocessed Timber”. The document introduces increased liability for illegal deforestation and its smuggling. The latter is proposed to be punished by imprisonment for a term from 3 to 5 years. Before the second reading, the document was amended to extend the moratorium on the export of raw timber – for a period of 8 years it was proposed to ban the export of fuelwood. This norm was introduced by a deputy from the presidential faction Valerii Davydenko and, it is said, this was the formal reason for the President’s veto. On the one hand, experts call the bill populist, and on the other – the situation clearly showed the conflict between Prime Minister Groysman, who supported the project, and the President, who vetoed it. Well, the election is close.

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через картини Влади Ралко

In Germany, the first pipes for Nord Stream-2 began to be built. The country has already issued all necessary permits for the gas transportation system, according to which fuel will be delivered directly from Russia to Germany. Political analyst Oleksii Minakov explained that we are on the brink of a cold diplomatic war.

“The German elites make the mistake of thinking only about money, one cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that the project will play into Russia’s hands and increase dependence on Russia. And Putin, in the guise of “just business”, throws a noose around the neck of Europe – countries already quarrel among themselves for the project contradictions: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and others against Poland, the Baltic countries and Ukraine.

Moreover, the United States as opponents of this project also go to the confrontation with Europe. America has its own mercantile interests. “…to supply its liquefied gas to Europe, but nevertheless, the Nord Stream-2 is a question that hypothetically can force the US even to impose sanctions on those, who take part in the project”, Minakov said.

We still have our “own”: to develop our own gas production and actively develop alternative energy.

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через картини Влади Ралко

The case of Yurii Krysin, who is accused of coordinating the “titushky” (collective term, when talking about instigators and mercenaries – translator’s note) and torturing the participants in the Revolution of Dignity, will be considered by another judge – the whole process will begin from the start. Sources of Radio Svoboda in the Prosecutor General’s Office state that an influential politician, chairman of the Mykolayiv Regional State Administration Oleksii Savchenko, who is suspended from office for the time of the investigation since spring, is behind the case of Yurii Krysin.

The fact that Krysin was a friend of Savchenko during the Revolution of Dignity and transmitted to him a message about the upcoming actions against the Maydan participants, including the shootings on Independence Square in Kyiv, was repeatedly stated by the MP from “Petro Poroshenko Block” Mustafa Nayem. Savchenko himself does not confirm such reports and calls on all details to contact the prosecutor’s office. One way or another, but five years have passed since the Revolution of Dignity, and the judges are still there – near Honka with an outstretched hand.

Тиждень у призмі: розбираємо ключові події через картини Влади Ралко

“Do not expect!” – The sister of Oleg Sentsov, Natalya, said it after rumors about her brother’s dying condition. Recently, the filmmaker was taken from the colony to the hospital of Labytnangi, where doctors were going to feed him by force. According to the lawyer (Dmytro Dinze – ed.), this means to enter large glasses with the nutritional mixture enterally.

Oleg refused, but went with them on a compromise and now takes, as the lawyer says, 3-4 spoons of a nutritional mixture per day. So, his starvation has been continuing for more than 70 days and Oleg is not going to back down.

The European Court of Human Rights called on Ukrainian Oleg Sentsov, who was sentenced in Russia, to stop the hunger-strike. Without emotions, but, to put it mildly, it would be better if the ECHR urged Putin to release our prisoner.

And what can we do? At the very least, write a letter with the words of support to him or another political prisoner. 5 minutes of your time – and here is a warm smile and gratitude from our Ukrainians in Russian prisons.

By Kostyantyn Rul

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