Tuesday, 29 September

Mother ukrainian political prisoner Alexander Kolchenko, who is serving a sentence in the Russian colony, was granted permission to meet with her son and has already arrived in Chelyabinsk.

It is reported by “Interfax-Ural” with reference to the press service of the regional public oversight committee.

“The relatives were allowed to stay together for three days. For a more comfortable stay they had a room with all the amenities in the hotel of the correctional institution,” the press service said.
They also noted that at the meeting of the members of the SOC with Larisa Kolchenko, no statements or complaints were received from her.

“Mother wants only one to let her son go free. Perhaps this could be an exchange for Russian prisoners in Ukrainian prisons,” said public servants.
According to their data, since the end of the hunger strike, Kolchenko has acquired the same weight – 64 kilograms, did not express complaints

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