Wednesday, 23 September

The Nord Stream gas pipeline has resumed its work after planned preventive work, according to Russian Interfax.

“According to the schedule, the shutdown was supposed to last until the morning of July 31, but supplies were resumed with the onset of a new gas day in the morning on Monday,” the report said.

The “North Stream” pumped up to 170 million cubic meters of gas per day. Taking into account the cost of gas on the continental trading floors of Europe, the cost of additional commodity deliveries over the super-day could be about $ 45 million. The re-launch of the North Stream has reduced transit through Ukraine, Gazprom’s resources for the GTS were used to partially compensate for the offset transport capacities.

Recall that the Nord Stream gas pipeline completely stopped on planned and preventive repairs on the day of negotiations between the Russian Federation, the EU and Ukraine.

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