Tuesday, 29 September

The Swiss laboratory Spiez, which specializes in preventing chemical, biological and nuclear threats, was probably attacked by a group of hackers associated with Russia. This is reported by the Swiss edition Blick.

The Berne Laboratory in Canton probably has become a target for hackers because of its role in investigating the poisoning of Sergei and Julia Skripal in the British city of Salisbury. The laboratory was involved in the examination of the neuroparalytic substance that was used for poisoning. Hackers from the Sandworm group affiliated with the Russian government were represented by the members of the organizing committee of the laboratory and circulated a document with instructions on the upcoming chemical weapons conference scheduled for September.

The Word document contained only information about the conference. The file was installed malware. Cybercriminals used a false e-mail address and targeted chemical weapons experts invited to the conference. “Somebody acted on behalf of the laboratory. We immediately informed the conference that the document was not ours and pointed to danger,” said Kurt Munger of the Federal Civil Protection Department. According to him, the scourge caused limited harm. “The laboratory itself did not register any data outflow,” Munger confirmed.

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