Letters to Moscow. Eleventh one

My Dear Friend!

I would like to continue our talk about reconciliation. We were talking about the inevitability of reconciliation in the distant future. I know you are impatient… «No, no, no – we want it right away! No, no, no – we want it now!» – you remember the song, don’t you?

Well, right now I don’t see how this conflict might come to an end. Many people think that only the collapse of Russia like some time ago the collapse of the Soviet Union or the Austro-Hungarian Empire may somehow solve the problem. Recently I read a mean column on one of the Russian websites. It said that the conflict would end only after Ukraine stops to exist.

Whereas I am sure that both our countries will continue to exist in the nearest decades and the borderline will be the front line. I mean, I do not see any ways for developing a peaceful process in the nearest future.

I think the only acceptable option for Russia is the unconditional surrender of our country. What do I mean? First, the recognition of the annexation, the official boundary delimitation and the resumption of «normal» economic relations with the occupied peninsula. It means power supply, unobstructed access to the Crimea through the territory of Ukraine etc. Second, integrating the Donbass into Ukraine, just as the Donbass is now – in the forms of their «people’s republics», their «governments», and their paramilitary forces. If we use the old dialectic principles, we may say it is integration with the purpose of disintegration.

Well, they have two more dreams. Federalization of Ukraine. One would think there is nothing wrong with it… However, it is not for nothing they called the armed separatists «supporters of federalization» in the first days of the military activity. Do you remember that?

There at your place “on the other side of the curb”, even young women have short memories.  Whereas on this side – we have to remember everything.

The project «Novorossiya» (New Russia) also exists. It is not a dream anymore but a practical program. I still think the new act of war against Ukraine is unlikely to happen.

Russian strategists undoubtedly have a soft option, too. The support of tension in Ukraine. Pro-Russian electorate orientation. The hope that a new president will turn Ukraine towards diluting European integration and strengthening ties with Russia.

The Opposition Bloc party openly declares it but there are doubts as to their wide influence.  Batkivshchyna party is a different story. I think its policy is still far from clear. The unit of the opposing parties would be desirable for the Kremlin.

Under the circumstances, the calls for reconciliation are almost similar to the calls for capitulation.

In the end, you will come to understand it. Not today though.



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