Tuesday, 22 September

Today in Berdyansk unknown shot public activist, the veteran of ATO with the code name “Sarmat” Vitaliy Oleshko, who opposed the local authorities, dead. Andriy Madzharov, the battle comrade of the deceased, informed about this on Facebook. How Vitaliy Oleshko is commemorated and what evidences are reached – in reactions from Opinion.

Andriy Madzharov was the first to inform about the murder while direct broadcasting on Facebook. In the video, he tells that the murder has been committed on the backyard of Vitaliy Oleshko‘s own house-hotel. According to him, unknown had fired two shots in the back. Now Facebook is warning the users about the shocking content in the video. 

The journalist, Uriy Butusov tells that three months ago he had a meeting with Vitaliy Oleshko and they discussed the conflict with the local oligarch and people’s deputy Oleksandr Ponomariov, who runs the company “Agrinol”. According to Uriy, Ponomaryov controls the authority in Berdyansk and is connected to the criminal world. The journalist insists on the main murder version – the elimination. Uriy Butusov asks to make this case maximally salient to punish the guilty.

The head of public organization OPIR.ORG Vladislav Grezev stated that the assassination of activists is widespread now. He says that murder attempts and eliminations will finally lead to those ones who are against the activity of these people. The activist doesn’t know how to fight this but is sure that indifference won’t help Ukraine to become better.

The activist and journalist Nazar Pryhodko also informed about this event. He says that he is lack of words to comment on this. And suggests watching the live broadcasting of Andriy Madzharov.

The activist Volodymyr Veselkin told that he had known Vitaliy Oleshko as a concerned citizen, who waged the war against the local gangs. And in spite of the danger, he, himself, isn’t going to hide.

On Vitaliy Sarmat’s page, people are offering condolences and hope the criminal will be caught and punished.

Reactions were collected by Leila Tserkovnyuk

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