Wednesday, 30 September

Advocates of former President Victor Yanukovych have announced that judges and prosecutors have been removed from the state treason case and left the trial. It is reported by the Public

The court had to start litigation, but lawyer Vitaliy Serdyuk demanded to interrogate another witness of the party of defense – Arkadiy Yaroshchuk. The presiding judge, Vladislav Niavatko, told the lawyer that the interrogation phase was completed and nobody would be questioned. After that, the lawyer read a statement on the appeal of the judge and the prosecution party, because, in the opinion of Yanukovych, the court was in a hurry to sentence. The judge explained that at the stage of the debate it is no longer possible to announce the withdrawal and announced a break for 10 minutes.
Serdyuk left the hall and said that today he will not return to the meeting. Prosecutors are asked to give Yanukovych a state defender. According to the prosecutor, it is the third time that Yanukovych’s lawyers are breaking the debate.

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