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Ukrainian mystery thriller “Brama” based on the play of Pavlo Arier has been released. The film created with the help of Ukrainian State Film Agency. The creators of “Brama” try to develop Ukrainian traditions, language and culture although some spectators consider that the primal idea hasn’t been fulfilled. So, numerous experts and Facebook cinema critics are having stormy discussions: there are confident “pro” and flat “cons”. The comments the new Ukrainian cinema has collected – in reactions from Opinion.

The discussion broke out after the publication of the cinema critic Tetyana TrofimenkoShe was insulted by the fact that state money had been allocated to filming. Judging by the text, the most confusing part for Tetyana was the plot of the film. The cinema critic retells the plot and calls it a “sore delirium”. There were the defendants of the film in the comments, who notice the shortfalls in the plot retelling. “As the film was, so the retelling is,” the cinema critic answers.


The artistic director of “Golden Gate Theatre” Stas Zhyrkov is ironic about the comment of Tetyana Trofymenko. He asks his audience whether he will be considered a good cinema critic if he writes the same comment on any film.

According to the post on the networks, the head writer of the film Pavlo Arie is deeply insulted by this comment. First, he was ironic as if he had been waiting for Tetyana’s, his biggest and the most consistent fan, review.

Then there was a post where the writer made excuses. He made a re-post of Natalia Lelyuh‘s, the gynecologist, publication and said that there are the answers in this text he’s embarrassed to give because they should have been understood either in the play or in the plot”. Also, Pavlo thanked everyone and said that he’s keeping calm.

Then, the writer wrote the post that looks more like a testimonial. Told that he respects criticism but he’s against cruelty. Despite his previous comments, he said that he’s ashamed and white-walled his previous ironic posts.

Irma Vitovska-Vantsa, an actress, the protagonist role performer in the film “Brama” wasn’t prepared for such criticism too. She took offense and said that she hadn’t been bullied like that before. The actress even thinks about voluntary isolation.

But judging by the next publications Irma found enough support to stay in the spotlight. She’s posting photos of the users with the drawn circles on their heads (one of the film symbols) and also with fishes “Einsteins” (it was the name of catfish – one of the film characters). And sends thanks to not indifferent ones. A good way to attract others to watch the film, isn’t it?

Public activist Solomiia Bobrovska calls the film “dazzling” and also praises “incredibly mysterious” Irma Vitovska-Vantsa.

Co-founder and the handler of Festival of Cinema and Urbanism “86” Ilko Gladshtein gives his positive review on the film. He assures that the film is “a successful attempt to synthesize new Ukrainian mythology, merged with Polish fairy tales, Soviet epos and conspiracy tales about aliens”. Despite it all, Ilko Gladstein is sure that “a powerful character appeared in Ukrainian cinema” in the image of baba Prysya. He says that the work is a real success and recommends watching it.

On the contrary, Andrey Alferov joined the unsatisfied side. He assumes that the film preserved a lot of elements of theatrical play – the parts that could be showed were said in the film. Andrey Alferov partially retells the plot and notices that “Brama” jumps from one genre register to another”. According to the post, theatrical play impressed the cinema critic more.

Another cinema critic, the member of Ukrainian State Film Agency, Ihor Grabovych writes that “Brama” is “an attempt to look through our history in general” and then to influence the further Ukrainian history. So, in the critic’s opinion, the film is an example of “cautious optimism”.

People’s artist of Ukraine, actor Anatolii Gnatyuk applauses the main role performers – Irma Vitovska and Vitalina Bibliv, the film crew and the director Volodymyr TyhyiHe emphasizes that the film is “thought-provoking”. He also stated that nowadays it is important to support Ukrainian cinema because the first steps of “severe reanimation” are made.

Reactions were collected by Leila Tserkovnyuk

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