The assault on the activist from Kherson Kateryna Gandzyuk, who is heading the Executive Committee of Kherson City Council, offended the Ukrainians. She was thrown the sulphuric acid at the face that caused 35% skin damage. How the things were moving, what is known for today and what the reactions of Internet community are – in materials from Opinion.

One of the first to inform about the assault on the Internet was the friend of the victim, public activist Serhii Nikitenko. He told that the assaulter was waiting for Kateryna near the front door of her house. She got severe burns and now is being treated in the hospital. Serhii Nikitenko didn’t provide the details on the assault.

In Masi Nayyem‘s opinion, there’s no doubt that it’s an elimination program of the pro-Russian forces. He writes that it’s possible because the state doesn’t react on the assaults. Masi’s sure that the war in Donbas started as a result of such conflicts.

Public activist Serhii Sternenko, who has been repeatedly assaulted, couldn’t stand aside from this event. He wrote that the assassination of public activists became an “unhealthy tendency” and imperfect legislative system assists it.

Public activist Oleksandr Slavskyi called the assaults on the activists the assaults on each of us. He writes that this is not a hooliganism but a crime against democracy. He’s terrified that there’re such people in Ukraine who can murder for the way of thinking and political position.

In a while, the journalist Olga Khudetska criticized the investigation. According to her data, the examination hasn’t been conducted, the footage of CCTV hasn’t been analyzed, the witnesses haven’t been questioned. The journalist also tells that the prosecutor Evgen Krasnozhon, who classified the murder of the journalist Vyacheslav Veremiy as a hooliganism, is heading the investigation process. Also, she connects the dots between the case of Gandzyuk and Veremiy.

The message that the person committed an assault on Kateryna Gandzyuk is wanted has appeared on the official page of National Police.

The journalist Stanislav Yasinskiy tells that month ago their cast crew made a video about the activists, who were blackmailed or who were assaulted. Kateryna Gandzyuk took part in filming. According to the words of a journalist, she didn’t believe that the assaults were committed only by the local forces. She thought that it’s something bigger and all cases have to be united into the one. In the end, the journalist notes sadly that in reality, the police don’t give any protection to the activist. Every man is for himself.

Kateryna Gandzyuk’s position can be understood from the next post of Masi Nayyem. He published the part of his conversation with the activist in the hospital on his page. She predicted the assault but didn’t want to give up because it’s the part of her work. Masi Nayyem suggest all concerned to come to the building of National Police Directorate General to listen to the head of Kherson police.

Political scientist Taras Buzak has published a video in which he and the representatives of the Kherson police are talking. He writes that “the conversation was about the sabotage of the attack investigation on Sergii Nikitenko, the situation regarding a bold attack on Katerina Gandzyuk”.

At the same time, a squall of criticism was downpoured on Kateryna under her own publications. People in the comments wrote that she wasn’t a true patriot, a real activist, and also judged harshly her criticism of the work of Petro Poroshenko. The commentators scoffed at the state of the victim and wished her the worst. All comments and publications of this content are currently deleted or blocked.

The journalist Olga Khudetska published on her Facebook page the screenshots with these comments, in which it was written that the activist threatened to beat people. Olga Khudetska emphasizes that the phrases are torn out of the context and have sarcastic nature. In addition, the journalist notes that commented those people who threatened Katerina Gandzyuk a week ago.

After that, it became known that Katerina Gandzyuk was attacked with concentrated sulphuric acid. According to the lawyer Masi Nayyem, the examination wasn’t made immediately, because a court order is required.

After receiving the results of expert assessments, the spokesperson of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine Andriy Lysenko said that the criminal proceedings on the attack on Katerina Gandzyuk were re-qualified from hooliganism to the deliberate murder committed with particular cruelty.

And deputy Sergii Leshchenko sent an appeal to the Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko to submit a statement regarding an attack on Kateryna Gandzyuk from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the SBU. Sergii Leshchenko explains: the activist has exposed the actions of the police, and therefore, there is a probability of bias in the investigation of this case. And the only way to avoid a conflict, in the opinion of the MP, is to transfer the case to the SBU.

Masi Nayyem in his last post about Katerina Gandzyuk wrote that the activist has already been granted state protection.

But Tetyana Urbanska, a journalist, deputy editor-in-chief of UNIAN, sadly states that if Katerina Gandzyuk wasn’t known and supported by so many people, the case would be unlikely to re-qualified. She is interested, how to be an ordinary Ukrainian in the trouble and where to look for support?

While preparing this material, another attack on the activists has been conducted – in Odesa the car was rammed by the truck. Mykhailo Kuzakon, an activist, the head of the city organization of the political party “People’s Movement of Ukraine”, and Grigory Kozma, editor-in-chief of the publication “Public Investigation” were in the car. No injured. Victims say they had been threatened.

Reactions and the evidence were collected by Leila Tserkovnyuk 

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