Saturday, 26 September

The outgoing week has dumbfounded us with events that eventually can enter the History textbooks: for example, a procession of many thousands dedicated to the 1030th anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Rus’. Other news would be better to forget, like a terrible dream: like the return of Medvedchuk in Ukrainian politics. Detailed and bright in the traditional digest with the works of Hamlet Zinkovsky – an outstanding street artist from Kharkiv.

Life is an anecdote: sometimes funny, sometimes – not

The artist Hamlet Zinkovsky extremely rarely gives interviews, leads a secluded life and does not use the Internet. But this does not prevent him from regularly getting into the shortlists of international art awards. The absence in the media space only helps him to feel subtly the atmosphere of the present and transmit it in the laconic and vivid drawings on the walls of Ukrainian houses.

If the sky begins from the earth, then we are all heavenly people

On the last weekend in the capital were held two large-scale marches, dedicated to the 1030th anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Rus’. The first one of the Moscow Patriarchate; it was joined by the infamous people’s deputies from the Opposition bloc, and the second one – for the creation of a single local church. Petro Poroshenko and his wife Maryna took part in the 65-thousandth march, which aroused considerable indignation (according to the Constitution, Ukraine is a secular state, and power is separated from the church). “Haters gonna hate”, as they say in the States, and Petro Oleksiyovych chose associations of churches his trump card in the already started election race. The main argument of the President: “an independent church is a matter of national security”. Spiritual affairs, of course, are over the material and terrestrial, however, wait a minute, are the collaborators on the posts of city heads, people’s deputies and local officials not a matter of national security?

Reflecting on the eternal, I ate a glass of sunflower seeds – the result is satisfying

The Chairman of the association “Ukrainian Choice” Viktor Medvedchuk and one of the “frontmen” of the party “For Life” Vadym Rabinovych announced a political union. Despite the reputation of the “gray cardinal” of Ukrainian politics, Viktor Medvedchuk has not officially held any high posts since 2004, when he headed the administration of President Leonid Kuchma.

“Medvedchuk acted as a shadow mediator in relations with Putin, which was very effective – many people turned to him, but now he obviously decided to return exactly as a public figure”, political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko said.

The rhetoric of the “For Life” party, like Viktor Medvedchuk himself, already shows how they plan to build their election campaigns – around the peace in Donbas, the exchange of prisoners, the release of Ukrainian prisoners in Russia, and, in general, the normalization of relations between Kyiv and Moscow. So what did you say about national security, Petro Oleksiyovych?

Emergency exit

In the prism of the Ukrainian corruption “stagnation”, Armenia looks like the ray of sun, which finally ventured to fulfill its sharp and one of the most difficult election promises of the new government – the country began prosecuting the representatives of the former government. Last week, former President Robert Kocharian was arrested. He was summoned to the interrogation as a witness, but already during the conversation with the investigator, the status of ex-president was changed to a suspect. He did not return home after questioning: the police detained him, and subsequently, the court agreed on the arrest of the ex-president for a period of two months. The European truth has written in detail about it.

The current head of the “Russian NATO” – the Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Yurii Khachaturov also has been charged. Both politicians face the threat of incarceration on the article “usurpation of state power” from 10 to 15 years according to the Armenian law,

Since the beginning of protests and the change of power, the Kremlin is on the safe side, not declaring the Armenian revolution “an anti-Russian conspiracy” and not looking for “the West hand” in it.

However, such calmness is more and more difficult for the Russian Federation over time. The Russian media sharply reacted to Pashinyan’s visit to the NATO summit and a revision of the presence of Russian border guards in their country. Let’s hope the Armenians continue to build the new country with the same passion (and we also should inspire with their example).

An opinion is an appendage to what happened

If the former president of Armenia Robert Kocharian is arrested, then “our” Yanukovych freely breathes the steppe Rostov air, walks among the birches and (only do not laugh) quietly lodges a claim against Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko for humiliating honor and dignity. And the Pechersky court of Kyiv accepted this appeal, moreover – it was appointed to consideration. Meanwhile, Viktor Fedorovych’s lawyers disrupted the court hearings and even boycotted it. For 4 years, Ukrainian justice has failed for a real term for major corrupt officials, and now the processes have turned into a real farce – so do not be surprised if Yanukovych gets an acquittal and returns to the position of a guarantor.

See how small our global problems are!

“Justice means freedom for him”: a photo of Sentsov was hung out at the mayor’s office in Paris, so in France they try to draw attention to the fate of the Ukrainian political prisoner. In Paris, which is 5 thousand kilometers from the colony where Oleg is. For Frenchmen, who have never known before about the Ukrainian prisoner. The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, personally urged to release the political prisoner. “Merci beaucoup”, we say to the French and ask ourselves: why does the Paris political community, and not the officials of Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro? After all, each such action is a blow to the brick walls of the prison, where Oleg Sentsov has been starving for more than 80 days.

Text by Kostyantyn Rul

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