Wednesday, 30 September

The state’s losses from corruption in the Ukrainian customs amounted to about 4.8 billion dollars a year, the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung said. According to the investigation, the schemes involve the police, the DPS, the GPU and the SBU, wrote DW.

In its calculations, the newspaper refers to documents at its disposal, which contain data on thousands of goods passing through the Ukrainian border, and allow them to trace their path. According to journalists, this information proves facts of “massive corruption” in many Ukrainian customs. The basic scheme is the “redefining” of goods, which takes place with the participation of government officials. In this way, the goods that are de facto in the cargo are declared as other – the one for which lower duties are provided. In addition to the customs, representatives of the SBU, the police, the State Border Guard Service and the GPU are also involved in the schemes. The losses from corruption in the Ukrainian customs “account for more than a tenth of the state budget revenues and double the amount of loans that Ukraine intends to take in the IMF, the EU, and the World Bank in 2018.”

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