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In Kyiv recently, the sculpture of the hero Ilya Muromets was solemnly presented in the metropolitan park “Muromets”. Although all the work, according to the Mayor’s office, was carried out at the expenses of patrons, the network community still has found what can balance all “pro”. More on who posed for sculpture and whether it is needed at all – in reactions from Opinion.

So, ex-boxer and mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko emphasized that the installation of Ilya Muromets monument was a creative process for both artists and city administration. The legend of sport himself likes the result of such a collective work. The main thing is that not even a penny of budget funds was spent. Cool, Mr. Klitschko, we are ahead of those who already prepared to write about wastefulness and embezzlement of the budget funds. But they will write anyway, right? If not today, then tomorrow.

However, this is not the end. The Mayor promised that work on other attractions of Kiev continues. Well, let’s bet, who will become the next hero for a sculpture?

Didn’t refuse to join these festive events the deputy of Kyiv city council Vyacheslav Nepop. He says that it’s a new tourist sight that returns visitors to the times of Kievan Rus, a powerful energy spot that is just a must-have for visiting. So, we go to the future, so to speak. And what about the future? Still forgotten past, or are you a little bit away from this?

Who was the prototype of Mr. Muromets? In fact, everything is quite obvious: it was the Ukrainian strongman Vasyl Virastyuk. He says that he was very impressed, and the opportunity to pose for sculpture is a great honor. Heh. That’s all right, but who taught our strongman to use so many emojis? Not that I wouldn’t mind it, but Muromets for sure would not appreciate it.

Well, have you guessed, the comments of which type are waiting for us further? However, no, jokes about the capital’s mayor, I decided to filter out from you. Well, perhaps I will leave only this, funny one, by the blogger Volodymyr Golobutsky. Well, I’m roaring stronger than the Dnipro river. Just do not start again your stuff about standards of journalism and so on. It’s funny; the gravity is dominant in our other sections.

Has the healthy injection of sarcasm from journalist Mykhailo Tkach been ordered? Please accept, put your signature and enjoy. But don’t take it seriously, because, for the God’s sake, this world is already too serious.

Oh, yes and before reviewing really serious and thorough comments, let’s add one more classical, for our Facebook space, appeal to Elon Musk. Honestly, I hope that no one has shown this to Mr. Musk. For our Muromets will fly somewhere on “Tesla”.

And now, let’s turn to more serious comments, and we won’t joke here. For example, writer Yuriy Vynnychuk criticized Muromets’ beard as it is depicted in the form of a “shovel”, while the Rusyns shaved or were cutting their beards. Well, can we open the score with the first ball to the critics? Let’s go further.

Volodymyr Viaatrovch, director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance, instead, focused not on the hero’s beard, but on the fact that the mayor could be interested in the true heroes of Ukrainian history. Especially since the century of the Ukrainian Revolution is celebrated. And this is more or less (even if it’s even substantially “more”) is a serious reproach in the direction of Mr. Klychko. I don’t know what to do with a “shovel” and a beard, but with the heroes, I predict hitting the bull’s eye.

More detailed on the issue of the new sculpture was writer and public figure Kostyantyn Matviyenko. According to him, the foolishness of Ilya Muromets sculpture installation is in the fact that the character himself is not historical but mythical. If this is an attempt to “retake” the Russian legend about three “Russian” heroes – it’s also funny, because the legend’s events unfold on the territory of modern Ukraine. Moreover, now you will laugh, the main risk to the bronze monument is that it may simply be … stolen. Well, Kyiv, let’s check your strength? This is a joke, by the way, don’t do anything like this.

Here we have journalist Oleksandr Piddubny. In general, he recalled the story by his grandmother’s friend, who said that Muromets was living during the times when Christianity was spread by wire and sword on our territory. In the end, due to a number of circumstances, Ilya was sent to tame the local prince of Chernihiv that later in the legend became a bandit. So, I didn’t get something. Our guys beat us, or someone put on a sheepskin?  Well, enlighten the uneducated, please.

Katya Taylor, the curator of “Invogue art” gallery and founder of Kyiv’s public space “Port creative hub”, named the monument to Ilya Muromets the fight which Mr. Klitschko has failed without even starting it. As for art, it’s shameful and not modern. But this is not the main thing at all. The main thing is the reputation. For no one, for some reason, hadn’t told to the mayor of Kyiv that this is not that sculptor, not that topic, and the time isn’t right. And, according to Taylor, not even Vitali Klitschko is guilty of this. But those who should have told how it must be. Well, there are some experts. PR managers had to work. The sculptor shouldn’t mistake for several centuries. In short, the conclusions for the future should be enough. Not Lenin, and it’s good.

By the way, for those who still prefer to call Illya Muromets a Russian hero, Andriy Bulgarov, a publicist and TV host, has got those ducks in a raw. And please, don’t say anything about some commonly accepted versions and the other stuff. So, Ilya, according to the journalist, is the great hero of the old times. The wall that defends the land of Rus, the Kievan land, he’s protection forever and ever. It sounds, of course, as a prayer, but adds some symbolism to this whole discussion platform. Now it’s worth doing your own conclusions.

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